Thursday, April 01, 2010

FO: Bagpuss Baby Cardi (with wings)

I have finished knitting the Busy Lizzy cardigan for an unspecified 2010 baby.

2010... being a year which comes 30 years after 1980, which is odd when you see the sleeves on this piece of confectionery! Goodness me, we are talking seriously bat-wing, baby!
I am reminded of my infamous (home-made) 1982 "disco top", which was black chiffon with a gold lurex check, worn once and once only to the Odyssey nightclub in Hull, shortly before it burnt down. I believe it may have been the static from my top which started the fire. But I digress...

I truly do not remember the sleeves being this wide when I knitted this pattern for my infant daughter. I found a photo of her wearing it, but the cardi itself is a blur.

Busy Lizzy cardigan from Rowan's "Tadpoles and Tiddlers", a pattern which I thought of as "classic" but now I am not so sure!

I made the smallest size, using one skein of Yarn Yard Bonny sock wool in Trente-et-Un, a variegated pink. The stocking stitch sections were knitted on 3.75 mm needles, and the smocking on 3 mm addis. This helped pull the smocking in, for a more gathered shape.

The original pattern has flowery intarsia on the skirt and collar, but when the yarn turned out to be busier than expected, I decided to knit it "plain".

What can I say? It is very girly, and is "vintage" in the sense that it captures the spirit of a bygone era - I am just not sure it is the era I would choose for a 2010 baby! I suppose I could rip out the sleeves and try again, but I don't really want to. I am not a fan of sewing seams in knitted garments, and this had plenty!

Help me, people! Is this one to send to the charity shop? Or would a modern mother "get" it and enjoy the funky disco vibe... in Bagpuss pink?! Because I have totally lost all sense of what's right and wrong.


RooKnits said...

I think it is fab! And I don't even think you would notice the batwingness of the sleeves when it is on. Love the colour.

bagqueen said...

Leave the sleeves, its easier to put a cardi on little arms if there is plenty of room and the cuff will be snug to keep babe warm and cosy!

Fiona said...

I think it's really cute! I read 'Bagpuss cardi (with wings)' and was expecting something far more outrageous!

feresaknit said...

Now I personally am not a big fan of denim on baby girls BUT I think that this would look really cute with a denim skirt or pants and as long as the little one kept her arms down in strong winds it's a winner! ;0

Lorna said...

Well I'm not a "young" mother to be (thank goodness!) but should I find out tomorrow that I was pregnant and expecting a girl I would certainly put her in your Bagpuss cardi. I think it is wonderful.
But I guess that isn't much help really because the only babies I'm likely to hold now will be grandchildren!

Teaandcakes said...

That's really cute!
It strikes me that sleeves that wide at the top, narrowing down, would be easier to fit a tiny breakable baby's arms into.
If I had a baby I would love that cardie.