Saturday, April 03, 2010

FO: Bella Aviator trousers

My second pair of Bella trousers! Slightly crumpled after a day at the office.

This time I used an airforce blue "peachskin" cotton twill from Croft Mill . It was only £4.50 a metre and is a beautiful, substantial fabric.

Again, I cut the size 38, but this time I tapered the waist in a little more for a closer fit. Because the deep "corset" waistband is interfaced, it benefits from careful fitting. This style is perhaps too "supportive" for casual wear, as it rides up when you sit down: there is only about two inches between the top of the waistband and my bust when I am at my desk. Good for the posture!

I went for over-sized vintage buttons for a touch of vintage drama. They are navy painted wood, found in grandma's button box. The eagle-eyed among you might recognise them from Loppem.

Verdict? I really like them! Maybe even more than the khaki pair. My adjustments led to a couple of mismatched seams on the yoke, which was frustrating, but your average (non-sewing)bystander will not notice. Again I omitted the pleats and topstitched down the pocket edges.

However, I had a wardrobe crisis on the top half. It isn't warm enough to go without a jacket/ cardigan, even indoors, and I didn't have an appropriate top layer. I ended up drowning the whole look with an oversized grey kimono-like cardigan - tsk! So I really must prioritise getting or making another jacket in navy or black. Shame Tara Starlet doesn't do a "Loves Navy" or "Loves Airforce" jacket like the "Loves Army" one!


lacewing said...

What a wonderful pair of trousers. They look great on you too.

Steven L. Ritter said...

Happy Easter !!!

It is a pleasure to read your bolg daily...

Susie Hemingway said...

Very nice trousers and they do look so smart on you too- clever lady.