Wednesday, April 21, 2010

FO: Little Black Jacket

My dotty buttons arrived really quickly, so tonight's dinner was postponed while I made the buttonholes!

It proved to be a real challenge to photograph a black jacket in the evening sunlight.

And I ought to have slapped on some lipstick and smarter trousers. Ah well!

Jacket R from "Sweet Black", a Japanese pattern book, ISBN 978-4-309-280-417 which I bought from Pomadour's shop at Ebay - she is also on Etsy.
I made size M, the second size.
The black sanded cotton fabric is from Croft Mill, with dotty polyester lining from Favourite Fabrics (Ebay) and dotty buttons from... Ebay.
The pattern was well-drafted and fits me well without any alterations.
The instructions were in Japanese but the diagrams were clear enough to follow.
I decided to attach the sleeve linings at the cuff by machine and then pull them through to the inside, before hand-stitching the rest of the lining in place.
Most of the seams are double-row-top-stitched, which got through an awful lot of thread!
Would I use the pattern again? Definitely. It was straightforward sewing and a simple classic style which will go with most things

Verdict? I am very happy with it. It will be a good wardrobe staple for work, with that dotty subversive twist to keep me smiling on the inside!


RooKnits said...

I have jacket envy. Just fabulous.

Steven L. Ritter said...

You look great, for a Scottish girl. Said by a Irish boy, thousands & thousands of miles away :-)... No really you look nice!

CCK said...

Love it! and am in awe of your skill.

Kate said...

This is FAB.

feresaknit said...

I don't know about those buttons! Just kidding looks great, the wellies really set it off. ;)

mooncalf said...

It really looks amazing. I'm so impressed by how professional your work is. Amazing :)

Lorna said...

Yep. The lime green wellies go perfectly. I want those wellies. ;-)
The jacket looks great and so does your hair.

Yarnwalks said...

Fabulous jacket, and the best buttons for it - great taste!
But, have we seen the lining? Or, have I missed it?
You are sooo clever!

bagqueen said...

Fab, fab, fab! I too have jacket envy!!

Often jackets with lapels look too stiff to wear with jeans, unless you're a bit sloaney which I'm def not and I'm guessing neither are you? But this one looks fine with the jeans you're wearing and will be fab with your Bella trews.

Susie Hemingway said...

Super Great Jacket !!! Love it.