Friday, April 02, 2010

Happy Easter!

Hi everyone - and thanks for the votes of confidence in the Bagpuss Baby Batwing number! I liked the justification that a wider sleeve means less arm-bending of a wriggly baby! And the narrow cuff will still mean the sleeve stays put and doesn't ride up to smother the child.

I also like the idea of wearing it with denim. My little girl had several denim pinafores and countless sets of dungarees (inherited from her big brother), so this is a look I can relate to.

So, yes, I am at peace with the garment now. And as FL says "babies don't care what they wear".

Today I am wearing my new blue Bella trousers to work (no Bank Holidays in Scotland at Easter!). The sun is shining, the snow has almost all melted, and I am willing to believe that Spring is trying again!
The new trousers are great, but I desperately need a short navy or black jacket or cardigan. The oversized grey woolly kimono thing I am wearing kind of drowns the well-fitted high-waisted shape.

Pictures will follow as soon as I get home and ambush my photographer!

Hmmm, FL is not 100%. He was in quite a bit of of pain yesterday (back, stomach, feet) and woke several times in the night, despite taking paracetamol at regular intervals. No sign of his ultrasound referral yet. We are still planning a break on the West Coast but might have to cut it short if he doesn't improve.
He is still talking about us walking to his favourite mountain. He said he would pack a sleeping bag in his rucksack so he could have a rest along the way. Um - what about me?! I suppose I can knit and watch him snooze... but it sounds like a chilly plan! There will be no mobile phone signal in the hills, so if he is not feeling fit, I am going to veto this plan. Sorry, honey, but I can't piggy-back you home if you (or I) contract hypothermia!


Sandy said...

The image of you hauling FL, (or dragging him like an Indian in the sleeping bag) with assorted camping gear and knitting tools creates a wacky scenario in my head. I'd have to agree that being out of cell range might not be in everyone's best interests... but have a lovely break from the usual - whatever length it is!

Susie Hemingway said...

Wishing you a very Happy Easter doing all the things that you enjoy. BTW I think the Bagpuss Cardie is beautiful and if a good size makes a perfect spring jacket for a little babe. Very retro!