Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Mid-week Catch-Up

So here we are, halfway through my holiday week. At first it rained, and I knitted. I "scunnered myself" (as my mother would say) knitting baby hats.
This is (l to r) Tinker from Twisted Woolly etc. but with a three-point bind off instead of the two-points of the original. It looked too much like a lumpy paper bag. I had a single 50g ball of Debbie Bliss Aran Tweed in the stash which did the job nicely.
The second hat is Brownie (also a Twisted...) in Cascade 220, also from the stash. It is looking quite tall, so I didn't knit the earflaps. I plan to knit this one again in red, with flaps, in a larger size.

FL hasn't had any more funny turns (and yes, Alison, I will ask his doctor about them when we are back at the hospital next week) but has been very tired. I think we did the right thing to stay at home.
Of course, he is making the most of having me at home to tackle the To Do List.
So here we have the Cutting of the First Sod of the Anniversary Orchard.
What you don't see here is me digging up molehills, fetching buckets of water, and scraping away at the hole with a trowel after he broke the turf and retired to his Director's chair.
We managed to plant two cherry trees in an hour and a half. An apple, a pear and another cherry to go... another day!
Here is the Supervisor.
And his dog.
I have been sewing. A very ordinary black jacket to wear to work. I will do a separate post about that, I think.
And we have been "eating from stash"! We had a lovely meal of home-flown pheasant with roast butternut squash and red onions (recipe from The Kitchen Revolution). Later in the week it will be haunch of venison, also from the farm.
We might go out for a meal, but FL's exhaustion always seem to hit at about 7pm, which makes an evening out a bit tricky.
I have cast on another pair of socks. This is my third attempt at using this yarn, which is such a busy dye-job that it suffocates most stitch patterns. This is Gothic Yarns sock wool in "Poppy". It's a very thin and not very soft base, but my daughter likes the colour and these will be her birthday socks.
I am using the Chouwa pattern from "Knitted Socks East and West" which has a feather-and-fan interspersed by simple cables. The yarn is self-striping quite nicely up the feather/fan sections but you can't really see the cables. But frankly I am sick of trying to find the perfect match for this colourway. It will be fine.


RooKnits said...

I like the three points on Tinker. I also like the way Al has posed with the spade, making it look like you are working him hard :o)
Hope you are having a lovely week off. How about going out for lunch instead?

tea and cake said...

'It will be fine' - is this along the lines of 'the sleeves are long enough, now that I'm bored'!! Great to see FL up and about. What a brill idea to have stayed at home.

Sandy said...

Good to see the Supervisor and his assistant "on the job" and your menus sound absolutely fab! If you were a little closer I might call and invite myself over for dinner - I could hep with the dishes afterwards!! Keeping the prayers going for you both....