Monday, April 26, 2010

New Projects

Birthday socks:

I have started knitting FL's birthday socks.
This is the Nexus pattern from a back issue of The Knitter magazine. It was the very devil to get started because the whole pattern is written out long-hand, with no charts to refer to.
I hadn't realised how much I prefer charts until it came to keeping track of the first few rows of these socks! I had to draw my own "map" of each needle to make sense of it.

This is YarnYard Croft yarn, rescued from the doomed Zur Lerhos'n socks. I am using bigger needles than before, and the resulting sock has a certain similarity to the hideously complicated Zur etc. without being too tight or full of mistakes (so far, touch wood!).


Neither FL nor my daughter likes the fabric I bought to make the dress for August. FL says it looks like curtains, and my daughter just screwed her nose up and said "Err... no." So I am having a crisis of confidence.

I might make a blouse next while I think about it. Gingham? That's not too controversial I hope!


Having sworn I would not devote an(other) entire summer to the defeat of weeds in the Steadings herb garden, I spent most of Sunday chipping away at the rock-hard soil trying to dig up the ratgrass and thistles.

After FL promised to do some weeding, I decided I would have to make an effort. I cannot have him doing his back in trying to "help" me. Unexpectedly, I took his advice and used his favourite tool, which is apparently called a culti-weeder. (Mine is a cheaper version with a fixed handle.) It has the long handle of a hoe, with a three-pronged hooked forklet at the business end. If you whack it down hard enough, the prongs go into the soil, grip the roots of the weed, and then allow you to twist and pull it out without breaking your back or bending to pick up the weed. It took me a while to get used to the initial impact required, but I managed to cover 3 metres of garden in 3 hours. Impressive? Nope. But it is faster than using a fork and trowel. And I can still stand upright today. Bargain!

Early rising:
This weekend also marked the start of my son's first ever job. He is working every Saturday from 5am to 3pm for rather less than the minimum wage... but he isn't 18 yet, so this is legal. The idea is that he will gain work experience and earn some money towards his further education. If he does OK he will be offered more shifts after he leaves school... in about 5 weeks - eek!

Someone has to take him to work as we are nowhere near public transport and it is too far to cycle, so we set the alarm for 4am and FL took the first shift. Good experience for The Boy, but a real wake up call for all of us!

In General:
I was all over the place this weekend. FL and I are joking about him "feeling liverish", but it isn't funny.
Several times, I just had to wake the dog and go for a brisk walk across the fields to let off some steam. FL golfed 18 holes for the first time in months and months. So at least we will both get fitter as we vent our frustrations!
FL was at a funeral today. One of his golf buddies died unexpectedly on Friday. He was 13 years younger than FL, and apparently "well", which just goes to show... something. Seize that carp.


feresaknit said...

Carp can be slippery - I'm going to invest in a harpoon!

I was going to say curtains but FL beat me to it. I actually do like it and think it would work well in something 'different' say a full skirted dress fitted to under the bust either gathered cream from then on up, or same fabric not gathered, if any of that makes sense! But definitely no sleeves for some reason I think that would be too much! ;)

Fiona said...

Re the fabric: I feel your anguish! My housemates and other half are dubious about practically every non-grey-or-brown yarn choice I've made in the last year. And then, when I've finished knitting whatever it is, they think it actually looks quite good. Pay them no heed! I think the fabric is gorgeous, and if you have an image in your head, everyone else will see the light when it's all put together. The sock is also glorious, incidentally.

bagqueen said...

I like the dress fabric but hey I regularly make dresses from old duvet covers or curtain fabric so maybe I'm not the best judge!!

I'm totally impressed with your gardening, I walk outside n think I must do something with this garden and that's as far as it goes!!

FL must have felt very pleased after a full round of golf, so continue with the old carpe trick!!

Kate said...

The sock pattern is looking really good, but eep! to no charts.

blue hands said...

Well I happen to think that fabric is lovely! I'm a sucker for cornflower blue. Think it would make a gorgeous full skirted summer frock. I love gingham, but for me it's just too school uniform to wear a whole dress of it.

tea and cake said...

I lurve the fabric for a retro dress! Sorry, perhaps I have no taste.
Re; the weeding, my husband swears by the hand cultivator (back problems) and it makes the job easier -,seeall,//catalog01/en_GB/categories%3C{9372012}/categories%3C{9372021}/categories%3C{9372063}&fh_view_size=10&fh_location=//catalog01/en_GB/categories%3C{9372012}/categories%3C{9372021}/categories%3C{9372063}/specificationsProductType%3dcultivators__hoes___soil_sieves&fh_eds=%C3%9F&fh_refview=lister&ts=1272529202249&isSearch=false

Sorry for taking up so much space in the comments for this link! But, it's by B&Q, anyway.

cheers x