Friday, April 16, 2010

Not Long Weekend

I have really suffered for having a week off. I was still working on the sofa at 11pm last night to try to meet a deadline. I did meet it, but my boss says she would have done the report differently, so now I have to re-write it. The paper is now "to follow" (the most dreadful sin in these parts) and I therefore know what I am doing on Monday, which ought to have been a local bank holiday for me. Sigh.

This is my long-winded excuse for having nothing to show you.

Since I spent last Saturday painting the hall instead of finishing my jacket, this weekend I hope to do just that. I "only" need to make the lining, hem it and make buttonholes. I am unsure about the buttons though. I found some lovely ones but the p&p was £5... on 2 x 95p buttons! So I didn't buy them. Grrr.

I turned the heel on the second Chouwa sock days ago but haven't done any knitting since.

That's why I am grumpy today. It's not the over-work, it's the lack of knitting.

Pictures of knitting and sewing will follow!

FL has had a reasonable week - he managed to golf 8 holes yesterday. It wiped him out though. He keeps having "electric shocks" in his heart, which is a bit scary for him and me. But apparently shrug-worthy if you are a doctor.

Gotta go. Work to do.


Lorna said...

Boo for silly bosses!
We don't mind you having nothing to show us...... well this week any way. ;-)

Penny said...

That sounds very frustrating - hope you have a chance to do a bit of knitting soon.