Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sewing a Little Black Jacket

Having the luxury of a week at home, with time to sew, I decided to make a Little Black Jacket.

The pattern was easily decided upon, as I already had the Japanese pattern book "Sweet Black" (ISBN978-4-309-28041-7) and there was the quintessential simple black jacket, style "r".

The fabric is my third length from Croft Mill: 2 metres of black sanded cotton, intended for trousers. But my recent wardrobe crisis persuaded me to divert this towards a jacket.

It's just as well I had a little extra fabric, because the diagram I thought was a dart, was actually a pleat on the paper pattern itself, to shape the bust without the bulk of folded cloth. Luckily I spotted my error in time and was able to re-cut the fronts.

It has taken me four days of non-hurried sewing to get this far. The lapels took a whole afternoon of puzzling, pinning and pressing. But I think it's going well. I still need to make the sleeves, lining and buttonholes.


RooKnits said...

Seriously impressed, it looks great so far

Feresa said...

Well it looks good to me so far. I must admit when I first saw the title I thought you'd done the whole thing and my next thought was HOW with the knitting and the planting! I'm so glad you hadn't because I would have started to feel inadequate!

I've been having problems leaving comments with my Wordpress ID and when I came back in to resubmit my comment with Google the verification was nessi - ok no e on the end but close enough!

bagqueen said...

Looking good, I do admire you using a Japanese pattern book, my experience of Japanese stuff is that they have fab patterns but little or no explanations. Ok for simple stuff but a lined tailored Jacket is not simple stuff!!
Looking forward to seeing you modelling the finished article.
How is FL doing? I hope the gardening has not knocked him out!!

caroline said...

looking good.
I'm going to be making a jacket soon. I have material, pattern and a friend to guide me. can't wait.