Monday, April 19, 2010

Spot my buttons!

Thank you all for your words of wisdom about buttons!
Yes, the buttons will make or break the whole project and therefore I should not just use something I have in the button box that isn't quite right.
I agree with the majority who say the coconut ones with writing are the most "me", but I have a lurking worry they are slightly too casual for this jacket. I was planning on using them with organic denim to make a tunic / apron dress... and I think that I ought to hold true to that idea.
So I returned to the Bedecked buttons, which several people agreed were the best, but that the postage was way out of order. Hmmm, I thought, I wonder if I can get something similar on Eee baaay...? So I did a search: "black stitch button" and guess what? The Bedecked ones are there... but in a smaller size: 18mm. 35 buttons for £7.99! The same I would have paid for 2 buttons including p and p at Bedecked! But 18mm is too small for a jacket. And I don't need 35 of them! I found the right size in white with black stitching, but not black with white - so close!
So then I searched "Black white buttons" - woo hoo! Spots before my eyes! Segwyne suggested covering buttons with the lining material and I liked the way that would look, but was worried about the fabric being too delicate to survive daily wear and tear. So when I found these, it was an instant decision! They are 30mm in diameter, so big and funky - and two buttons cost me £1.40!
So although I appear to be ignoring your advice, I am actually learning from it - don't just settle for something that's not quite right - it's worth holding out for The One! And ladies, that goes for relationships too!

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tim's wife said...

PERFECT! You're right. Just the thing for that jacket. Classy enough with just a little fun.
And so true about relationships too though sometimes that first man holds your heart forever. re:Our daughter has a plaque in her bedroom that reads,
"My prince did come...his name is