Friday, April 23, 2010

A Wedding in August

Well, would you believe it - FL and I have been invited to a wedding in August! It is a couple of my work colleagues who are getting hitched, and I am immensely flattered to have received an invitation to the Big Bash and also to the Hen Do - eek!

But of course the first thing to cross my mind was - OMG what will I WEAR?!

It will be a rather upmarket occasion. I strongly suspect that FL will back out on the grounds of (social) exhaustion, but I am intrigued by the prospect.

The Hen Do involves a Spa Day and then dinner at the poshest place in town.
OK, I admit I am a bit freaked by the prospect of floating around a Spa with work colleagues. But at least they aren't the sort who are perma-tanned.

And it certainly won't be cheap. Just attending the Hen Do will cost about the same as FL and I's wedding! Gulp.

So I will definitely be making my own outfit to save a few £s where I can. A dress.. and a jacket? Oh crikey, yes, I expect I will need a top layer too. Oh my - and something different to wear to the Hen Do!

Pass the smelling salts, I need to sit down.

It is a definite opportunity to sew a swishy 1950's-style dress!

I really like this dress at Toast, or how about this beauty at Able Grable? But both are out of my budget (unless I avoid the Hen Do!). So I am on the hunt for the perfect pattern to make my own.

All of these were "recently listed" at Etsy, so there is no shortage of choice, though there seems to be rapid turnover, as two patterns I had shortlisted were sold in a couple of days. I want a twirly shape, but not gathered or pleated at the waist, so probably a circle skirt, cut on the bias.
Short sleeves rather than sleeveless. I found one pattern with a "button-on cape" which attached to the shoulder straps!

I was so glad to see that Croft Mill had something suitable in stock! And shocked that it sold out so quickly - I hope my order made it to the head of the queue! And that I ordered enough!


mooncalf said...

Oh, I was just ogling that Toast dress lunchtime. Wow - if you could make that I'd be so impressed! It looks beautiful in the catalogue.

bagqueen said...

I like the pattern at the top cos I love those lovely 50's shawl collars but that might be a bit fussy for you! Are you going to have a net petticoat as well so that it really sticks out n swishes? Can you tell I'm still 4 at heart!!

Sandy said...

Very glam, m'deah! What's the weather like in August? I've never heard of a Hen Do, but I like the concept better than the some of the activities in the U.S. Can't wait to follow your decisions and see the progress!!