Friday, April 09, 2010

The Week Ends

So, there we have it, the weekend already. FL is SO much better than he was a week ago today! We definitely made the right decision to stay at home.

Gratuitous photo of the view of Bennachie from the boundary of the farm.

Today we went out for lunch to my favourite restaurant (good idea Roo!) and we both ate well.
Oh dear , FL - did I not mention that the retaurant is next door to The Wool Shed? Heh heh heh!

So naturally I had to support my local yarn store. This is 1000m of shetland 4-ply for Audrey-in-Unst. I know, I know, I said that I was going to knit from stash this year, but in my defence I sold a single skein of sock yarn via Ravelry for almost the same £s as I paid for all of this! So strictly speaking I haven't actually added to the stash at all...?

I finished the first Chouwa sock and have cast on for the second. I won't finish the pair before my daughter gets home (the kids are... wait for it... in Marrakesh with their father! Pah - he never took ME to Marrakesh!) but it will give me some soothing knitting for the Waiting Room next week.
Tomorrow I must crack on with my jacket-sewing. And maybe, possibly, paint the hallway. Or not. Sod it, I am on holiday!


Sandy said...

I'm sure that just the one-on-one you and FL were able to enjoy was a big part of his feeling better - not to say the children aren't a good influence - but just enjoying the home hearth without having to deal with travel issues and no rushing about was undoubtably a boon! Hope this next week brings better news.

CCK said...

So happy for you that you and FL have had a good week. Bennachie has certainly been our weather monitor this year. A month ago we hiked around it, next week it's covered in snow once again and now a harbinger of spring, yes? Can't wait to see what you do with the Alba, I have some simmering in the stash as well...(my favourite cafe too. Mostly just very glad you've had such a great week together...

CancerKicker said...

It's so good to hear FL is feeling better than a week ago. I also found all your knitting projects so amazing. Those socks rock and the baby caps are adorable!

RooKnits said...

yeah for lunch out! Love the colour of the 4 ply - and I love how the colours are striping on the sock.
I'm off to sort out the greenhouse, hope you've got some of this sunshine up there.

JillS said...

Ah - Bennachie.... My Dad was so taken with living in Aberdeenshire, that when we moved to Lanarkshire, we called our house Bennachie. Of course, most people didn't know how to pronounce it properly, but never mind. Glad to hear you're both having a better week.