Thursday, May 13, 2010

All the way from Oyster Bay

I have had so many fantastically promising vintage patterns snatched from my virtual grasp at Etsy in the past weeks, that I had to SWOOP when I spotted this one!

Yes, this is the Dress for an August Wedding!

If you look closely, you will see that not only has it come all the way from Australia, but is also two sizes too small. Ahem.

But I have great plans! I want to make the corset-laced belt front of View 1 with the wide neck of View 3.

Because I know there are going to be fitting issues, I plan to make a "muslin", for the first time in my sewing career. i.e. I am going to try the pattern out in cheap fabric before I cut into my lovely cotton/linen, to adjust the pattern to fit before an easy second-sew in my "best" material.

I had hoped to use some material from the stash to make a "wearable muslin": a 50's roses / Parisian architecture print that I loved the moment I saw it, but as so often is the case, neither my daughter or FL approved, and I chickened out. However, it turned out that I only have 2 metres of it - boo hiss! So I have ordered some plain white cotton, which I can hopefully use to line the main dress once I get the fit sorted out.

I intend to wear it with the bright red Benefit lipstick I "won" from a Cadbury's Flake (chocolate) wrapper... and these shoes! OMG I have to have those shoes!


Kate said...

OMG those shoes are fantastic! *wants*

The dress is lovely, too. I'm looking forward to seeing it come together. You're inspiring me to try sewing, you know. I have bought a teach-yourself-to-sew book. :-)

RooKnits said...

Those shoes are so you. Love the dress too - best of luck!

tea and cake said...

Yes, yes, YES! You must have those shoes - aren't they simply gorgeous?!