Sunday, May 09, 2010

FO: Love Hearts Candy Blouse

With apologies to the sugar-intolerant, here is this weekend's vintage sewing experiment: the Love Hearts Candy Blouse!

I used a pattern from the late 1940's, which also includes a "suspender dress", aka "pinafore", and although I loved the total look, I was initially wary of making myself a school uniform.

But what I didn't realise until I had finished making it, was that this is a very short blouse, with an elasticated hem which gathers the hemline evenly round the waist. It will be perfect under the pinafore, but is slipping out of my highest-waisted trousers in a really annoying way.

So, my next project will be the matching dress, in black cotton sateen from the stash.


Vintage pattern in a teenage-d size 15.

Coral pink gingham bought when my daughter was a little girl, intended to make her a summer dress. This would not have been my first colour choice for myself, but I thought it suited the style!
Turquoise 1940's heart buttons from Clover Crafts and Curios at eeebaaay. They are a beautiful, solid and smooth moulding, with a squared-off shank at the back and a little groove for the needle to slide easily through.

I used turquoise thread for the buttonholes for harmony's sake... and because I had run out of pink.

It was a very interesting project. The pattern was "unprinted" so all the usual markings were indicated by perforations in the tissue. Seam allowances were only 3/8 " instead of the usual 5/8", so I was chanting "three eighths" under my breath as I sewed, to avoid a fatal fitting error!

I really really like the collar, which fitted on to the v-cut neckline without the slightest problem and would be a great place to perch a couple of swallow brooches like these! Or some embroidery would work?

The sleeves are just-above elbow length, and remind me of Judy Garland's outfit in the Wizard of Oz. Don't you think?


It is going to be fine... once I make the matching dress.


Karie B. said...

Ooooh, I like this! Very jealous of your sewing skills too.

Lorna said...

I'm glad you used the phrase school uniform, personally I still can't wear navy blue skirts!

RooKnits said...

Oh, it is gorgeous. I love it. Especially the turquoise buttons.

bagqueen said...

Looks lovely, I expect the small SA and the elastic waist were because of fabric shortage in the 40's. however I think it is only recently that blouse patterns have got a bit longer, I remember making blouses that looked lovely as long as I stayed still but as soon as I moved an expanse of midriff was exposed that was not pleasing to see!! It would be even worse now as my midriff has got rather more bulgy, Thank the Fashion goddess for tunic tops!