Tuesday, May 25, 2010

High Street Vintage

Yesterday, one of my work colleagues was wearing a gorgeous turquoise cotton cardigan. It was a great colour, but what I liked most about it was the sideways-pleated short sleeves - very 1940's, I thought!

I spent my lunch hour scouring the internet for every shop in Aberdeen where she could possibly have bought such a thing, as I knew she would have shopped locally, probably somewhere like M&S. And I didn't have the nerve to ask her (I know, I know.)

It took me until today to find it! The website photos really don't do this garment any favours. Blimey guv! Look at those rugby-player's shoulders!

Believe me, when real arms are in that cardi, the pleats drape beautifully.

In case you are interested, it's from John Lewis Collection and comes in hot pink, turquoise, cornflower blue (above), black or multi-stripe blue. They also have an aubergine jumper with the same sleeve. Love it!

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Lorna said...

Not really related, but I love the John Lewis advert that follows the woman from childhood to old age. Makes me cry.