Monday, May 17, 2010

On Plan


I am rather pleased by the progress I have made with my sewing recently: two pairs of trousers, one jacket and two blouses since March. Yay!

Still planned: tea dress/es, black sateen suspender dress, another pair of trousers, the Dress for a Wedding, and a high-waisted wiggle skirt.

I spent the weekend altering last year's skirts, which were all hanging too low to be decent. Now they are rejuvenated, and actually so am I! It is amazing the difference a proper fit makes to my mood. My three wayward skirts now hit me at just the right point below the knee and I don't have to worry about exposing my bare middle (or worse) when I stand up.

However, while things are looking up for my working wardrobe, my "at home" wear is in a sorry state. My daughter pointed out that I am allowed to wear nice clothes at the weekend. Well, who knew?! She is right - I automatically reach for my jeans on a Friday evening and that's me til Monday morning, with minor panics if I have to be seen in public in between. Am I the only woman who doesn't wear a bra at weekends? (All my secrets are coming out now!)

You may already have seen this, but can I send you over to Super Kawaii Mama for a lesson in looking glamorous while cleaning? I read it out to FL, fully expecting derision, but his response was: "She has a point, you know!" Really? Crikey! Well, that put me in my place.

So maybe I will make some clothes for weekend wear. That could be rather fun! And fun is good.


My knitting has stalled. I am still plugging away at FL's birthday socks, but it is slow work. They are looking good though. I might finish Sock One tonight.

I really need to get Audrey in Unst out of my head and onto the needles. So I can wear her with my tea dress/es!

This week's plan:

  • Shut the dog in the corridor, clean the floor, and spread out my fabric for a cutting festival
  • Do an hour of weeding each day
  • Have fun!

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