Sunday, May 16, 2010


At last I have performed the Great Seasonal Wardrobe Switcheroo!

What a mess!
Not helped by the bags of wool taking up all the shelf space.

The Victorian wardrobe came with the farm and consists of one hanging rail, one large drawer, and two small ones.
This is where all my clothes and shoes are stored.
FL has a chest of drawers.
The winter tweeds and boots are now tucked up in the big drawer with some swiftly-stitched lavender bags.

And hanging in their place, my summer cottons, alongside the things that are always there - the handknits and shoes.

In the process, I sorted out a pile of things requiring alteration.

Here are the two worst examples - gaping waistbands, with about 4 inches of excess fabric to deal with.

I am going to unpick the side seam of the grey floral skirt and take it in at the waist.

But I have a more radical plan for the green one. I am going to give it a front box pleat, to add a bit more shape and swish as well as making it a wearable size.

Fl is exasperated - I still haven't spent all the £'s he gave me for my birthday, expressly to buy clothes, and here I am having an attack of "Make Do And Mend". But I like these skirts and they deserve to get a new lease of life. So no new sewing this weekend - it is all about wardrobe rehab!

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bagqueen said...

You are brave, every time I think I can switch clothes and then I freeze and this is a very unusual occurrence for me as I am now 'a lady of a certain age'!! I'm also jealous I can't remember the last time I re-fashioned cos things were too big! However I do understand why you have lost weight so I'm sorry if it sounds crass to say I'm jealous!!

I can still see the pic of you and FL on screen as I type this and you look so happy together and thats your real prize!!