Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Testing testing

Time for a catch-up.

On the knitting front, I am almost halfway round my garter-stitch baby cardi. Not fast enough to meet my self-imposed deadline, so next-door’s baby received my self-designed sleeveless cardi after all. Stick to the plan, Roo!
So this one will go “in stock” for the next girl baby that pops out. If the next one is a boy, I am scuppered.

I have not had the sewing machine out yet this week, but my tea dress is all cut and ready to go at the weekend, if not before. And it looks so fetching alongside my new mug!

I have also been seized by an incomprehensible desire to make my own undies. I have half a metre of Liberty print cotton jersey and a stack of assorted elastic bindings / trims to experiment with. Half a metre looks huge in the context of scanties.

I have had problems finding comfy knickers that don’t fall apart on the first wear, or cost the earth in either definition of the phrase. My favourite knicks are by “Pants To Poverty” but the waistband elastic has gone grey really quickly – the perils of a mixed dark wash! They were also rather pricey (£9 a pair) and the last pair I bought were a different cut to the earlier ones and are really uncomfortable.

Half a metre of premium cotton jersey cost me £6. Foldover elastic is 50p a metre. I think I could be looking at making custom-fit undies for around £2-3 a pair, with all the fun of designing my own thrown in for free! Yeah, my daughter thinks I have finally lost the plot.


feresaknit said...

Love the material for the tea dress.

In view of the Ruby skirt incident I think you may need to be extra careful with the knickers! ;D

RooKnits said...

The garter stitch cardi is just fab. I love the Liberty print fabric too. Fingers crossed for good test results.

Kate said...

do you read Amy Karol / Angry chicken's blog? She frequently sews up her own underwear from old t-shirts and fold over elastic and it is fab! I believe she has an article about homemade undies in the current issue of BUST magazine . . . good luck with the blood tests.

bagqueen said...

The hand made knickers I've seen on blogs, usually made out of old t-shirts look fab. Yours out of liberty jersey will be really sumptuous!! Mind you , I think you should add a pair of braces for the rate you are shrinking. It does sound like thyroid, my sister was the same, but they sorted it and she is fine now, in fact would probably like to shrink a bit!! Its the other sympotms you need to be shot of!!

Take care of yourself while you get this sorted.