Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Tuesday already?

Tuesday? How did that happen? I haven't even told you about my weekend.

I made Pistachio, Lime and Courgette Cupcakes. Yes, really! My son is obsessing about the zingy lime syrup set against the crunchy nuts and moist green cake. My daughter? Not so much enthusiasm. Too... green. FL just ate them, one after another, with ice cream.

I sewed a blouse. But the buttons are in the post, so you will have to wait for the FO. My new trick - I used the serrated edge of my daughter's ruler to "print" lines of tailor's chalk - fantastic!
And I cut out another one, using a 1940's pattern!
And I knitted on (and on) with FL's birthday socks. This pattern (Nexus from The Knitter Issue 14) is not for beginners. If you adjust the length (as is casually suggested) you will land in deep deep poo when you reach the part where the three "Wave" patterns are supposed to merge at the ankle. I followed the pattern as written, and still found myself having to design it myself at this point. The main problem is the absence of a chart or even a clear photograph. I had no idea that I was knitting a "Yarnissima-meets-Cookie-A" design until it was too late. The words "an interesting challenge" should have given it away, but the photos certainly didn't!
And I washed my winter skirts, ready to go away for the summer....but had to rescue them from the washing line when a hailstorm struck. Hmmm... I may have been a bit premature with the seasonal wardrobe switchover.


Lorna said...

If she doesn't want them, I'll have your daughter's share. ;D

feresaknit said...

Couple of things

1a) That is the photo from the recipe and not your own as where's the sploges over the edge of the cake cases that turn brown - or maybe that's just me

1b) Green cake - yes. Courgettes in any way, shape or form - NOOOOOOOOOOO!

2) Please tell me the scissors are just there to be aesthically pleasing and you're not going to cut the blouse out with them

Lorna said...

She's hidden the ones with the splodges ;-)

Roobeedoo said...

1a The splodges are on the baking tray where they belong!
1b If I call them zucchini would it make any difference?
2 The scissor were to cut the notches as SOMEBODY has blunted my big sewing scissor cutting up fashion magazines!

Roobeedoo said...

I meant plural. ScissorS!