Saturday, May 01, 2010

A Weekend in the Country

Work continues to dominate my waking hours. But I am determined to have this Bank Holiday weekend as time off!

I pre-washed a heap of fabric from the stash - most of the stash actually - in the hope that I might do some sewing.

And I may have had a mini-binge on 1940's vintage buttons. Yay!

The tulips are flowering in the Steadings garden, so I had better weed round them.

FL hopes to golf. But he has had some pain this week. His back has been troubling him, after he bent down to plug something into a socket. There have been more heart spasms. And a gnawing discomfort in his abdomen. The usual "dead" feet.
In farming news, we were invaded by a herd of skittish cows on Thursday. FL rang the neighbour and he drove over to round them up. He was a rubbish cowboy If I was a cow I would not trust this man's farming skills - no wonder they tried to run away! It was after dark before the moo-ing stopped, and there are "country pancakes" everywhere!

FL is thinking of having some of the fields ploughed this year. We might allow a neighbour to plant potatoes in exchange for a share of the crop. The ground has lain fallow for too long and is getting harder and harder to work. I wish I had taken a proper interest four / five years ago - we could have been well on our way to "organic conversion" by now! But the bill to harvest 15 acres of grass almost cleaned us out and I was afraid to get into debt.
P.S. I still want hens!


feresaknit said...

Pre washing fabric - you're so good!

zombiecazz said...

love the black and flowery fabric.