Friday, June 18, 2010

Beautiful Blogs

Well - how kind! Karie of Fourth Edition and Mooncalf have both nominated me for a Beautiful Blogger Award - thank you! Have you read their blogs? You should!

It's one of those Round Robin things where you have to come up with ten random facts about yourself and then spread the love by nominating another ten bloggers.

Ten Random Facts?

1: My maiden name had a “yogh” in it. This is a letter which no longer exists in modern English and has been replaced by the letter “z”. As a result, nobody ever pronounced my surname correctly, as they treated it like a “z” when it actually sounds more like a “g”. I wrote an essay about it once!

2: I cannot stand the word “savoury”. It makes me think of “slavery”, which on the one hand is an evil perpetrated by power-abusers, and on the other is a description of Scottish dogs when they dribble and drool. Ugh.

How odd – I am going all linguistic on you!

3: I have always had a red nose and cheeks. Despite this, my mother insisted on dressing me in pink. There is a terrible family photograph of me aged about 8 in a handknitted cardigan in a colour called “sizzling raspberry” which was so pink it was practically radioactive. Not good.

4: I have now knitted more pairs of socks in my life than I have skeins of sock wool in the stash. Which must mean I am allowed a splurge soon, mustn’t it?

5: I am into Finnish literature at the moment. I can’t wait for the new Tove Jansson translation to be published! Right now I am reading “The Year of the Hare” by Arto Paasilinna.

6: At University, after I got over missing FL, I hung out with music students and musicians. So, yeah, I knew Ben and Tracey, Stan and Paul and Norm, and my ex-husband-to-be was friends with Roland’s sister. But would any of them remember me? Err… no. I don’t think so. I doubt any of them knew my name back then. But it doesn’t stop me feeling hugely nostalgic when any of their songs come on the radio. Saddo namedropper.

7: Speaking of which, I once met Philip Larkin in Grandways supermarket on Beverly Road in Hull. He was wearing a dirty-old-man’s trenchcoat and was carrying a big umbrella. My memory tells me he also had on a salmon-pink scarf or cravat, but I am not sure anymore. I was hesitating over the cheapest own-brand coffee powder… but I can’t remember what he had in his basket. It might have been Carnation milk and a newspaper?

8: When I was about 15, my hair suddenly became curly, out of nowhere. I had something approaching a blonde ‘fro for about 6 years, right through University, and then the curl disappeared again as suddenly as it arrived.

9: I taught myself classical guitar up to Grade 4 standard, but it all came unstuck when I realised my hands were not big enough to stretch to the Grade 5 chords. One day I would like to learn to play the fiddle like my Auntie Sarah – she used to play mad jigs when she had had a couple of Drambuie’s!

One more…

10: My earliest memory is of falling asleep in my bouncer/swing which hung from the sitting room doorway, watching my grandad shave in the bathroom sink using a big bristly brush and frothy soap. He had his braces on over his vest, but no shirt, and had very high-waisted trousers and he was whistling.

Now you want ten bloggers?:

OK, to expand your horizons, here are ten lesser-known blogs that I really enjoy reading:

In no particular order:

La Ville Inconnue is a precociously stylish A-level student with a passion for vintage styles. She'll probably be famous for something one day.

CoutureArts is a lady of similar years to myself who doesn't so much home-sew as produce couture garments at home. Fiendish technical skills and a funky twist to every garment. Formidable.

Light and Macaroni blogs a little bit about sewing, about raising her family, but mostly about what it is like to be inside her own head. I love her frankness, her individuality, her intelligence. Even if sometimes it makes for hard reading.

Jeshknits is an indie-designer knitter who knows what suits a bigger gal. If I was a bigger gal I would want to be her best friend and have her knit something for me.

Lisainray has MM. But she is also a Bollywood actress. And she writes. Boy, does she write.

Restlessrobot sews and knits, but she doesn't make a fuss about it, if you know what I mean. I was really impressed by her recent Holiday Wardrobe. Her photos might be fuzzy but I like her everyday style.

OK, now I am not sure who reads what, so forgive me if I am recommending "old friends" to you:

Wedonothaveaknittingproblem is a collaboration blog - two Irish (American?) girls who knit and design socks. Fab socks!

Gertie's Blog For Better Sewing Oh I know you know Gertie! But isn't she fabulous?

Tilly and the Buttons Now, this girl claims to be new to sewing, but she is doing pretty darn well for a beginner! Vintage style sewing.

One more?

I am struggling here. It seems like the whole bloggy world has already been nominated, or is one of my readers and will think I am just being suck-up-y! I think I need another knitter. How about:

I Want To Go To Faerie College This girl manages to combine hockey and knitting while studying in the Netherlands. She chooses great patterns and yarn. I don't know where she finds the time.

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Fun post, and thanks for the words of appreciation. You are very kind.