Friday, June 11, 2010

Birthday weekend

We have two birthdays on the farm this weekend!
On Saturday, FL will be ... (drum roll) ... seventy-five!
On Sunday, my baby girl will be ... (cymbal crash) ... fourteen!
We are going out for a meal on Saturday evening to a fab Turkish restaurant in the city for a double celebration.

So the chances of me getting much sewing done this weekend seem remote, but that's OK.

Sewing update:

Material and patterns have arrived for the two vintage-style blouses. I should get them cut out if nothing else.

I should get the tea-dress ready for its buttons, which are in the post.

My knicker elastic has still not been dispatched (since 26 May), so I have 5 pairs of pants hanging about awaiting edging. Can't wait to show you!
And there is the slight issue of making a muslin for my Dress-For-a-Wedding. I am in total denial about this project. Because the material I bought is wrong for the pattern, I am not sure whether to buy new material or a new pattern.
I found the perfect material for the pattern (above), but it's quite expensive and I would have to buy 4 metres. I think I need to check I can make the pattern fit before I splurge.
ETA: OMG! The shoes are reduced and they only have my size left - woo hoo!

Knitting Update:
FL will be getting a single sock for his birthday. Sorry honey!
But I am making good progress on the baby cardi, which is 75% done.
I really really want to knit my Audrey-in-Unst cardigan!


feresaknit said...

Many Happy Returns to them both for the weekend! I think we can safely say the dress for a wedding won't look anything like an apron! ;D

blue hands said...

Oh, happy birthdays to your loved ones!

tea and cake said...

Happy Birthday to FL (great health news, too!) And to baby girl - how they grow?!

Now then, just how often do you have the chance to make such a dress? And, I bet you still have your birthday money? - splash out, you deserve this. Go. For. It.

Rebecca Weber said...

Happy Birthday to FL and to your daughter. Hope the dinner is fabulous.

RooKnits said...

I hope great birthdays were had by all.