Thursday, June 17, 2010


Yippee-aye-yay! I found a holiday cottage which ticked all the boxes:

  • sea view for me
  • near a sandy beach for me (me first, me first!)
  • near a (good quality) golf course for him
  • within reach of An'Teallach for him
  • electricity, tv, running water, indoor plumbing - all included!

And... um... the dog is going into kennels for the week - double hip-hooray!!!!

I can't tell you how close I came to giving up. I actually found somewhere in the right area, which allowed dogs and was near golf... but was then told by FL that the golf course was "very poor", I nearly flipped! Um - you hit a ball with a stick over some grass into a hole - what is there not to like?! Luckily, another hour of Googling uncovered a little gem of a cottage. It means I can't go to the Hen Do, because the dates clash. But by this stage, my priority was definitely to book a break. And this time, there will be no last-minute cancellations. Even if I have to drive us there myself, and even if FL spends the week asleep.

And there is a - gasp - proper coffee shop in the nearest village!


mooncalf said...

Ace! It sounds perfect!

Kate said...

But is there a yarn or fabric shop nearby? ;-)

Nah, it sounds wonderful! I remember last year trying to find a holiday cottage - such a relief and wonderful happy feeling when you finally find the *perfect* place. :-D

Have a wonderful, restful break!

tea and cake said...


feresaknit said...

Are you going Munro bagging?

blue hands said...

Well done, you! More persistence than I have xx

RooKnits said...

Excellent news!

Rebecca Weber said...

What persistence you have. The cottage is pictured in my mind and I can see you sewing, FL coming back from golf, and a run to the village for coffee. Wonderful news.