Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Floral Daze

I have reached the stage where I no longer know right from wrong.

All I know is, I am making a 1950's style dress to wear to a wedding... and my shoe-boots are red suede with a big 3D rose on the front.

I can't decide on a fabric.

What do YOU think?

Because somebody has to make a decision around here.. and it doesn't look like it's going to be me at the moment.

FL reckons I should be looking for silk, not cotton. I explained that he was asking for the moon on a stick.

So, top to bottom:

1- John Kaldor Monaco cotton sateen

2 - Favourite Fabrics Raspberry Rose cotton with slight stretch

3 - Clothworks Cherie Hearts cotton sheeting

Or have I lost my mind, and they are all completely hideous cheese-festival fabrics?

Be honest with me, friends!

ETA: Since posting this, I came across this blog piece (and its comments) on appropriate wedding guest attire. No black, white, red or green?!

I am going to wear a paper bag.


Kate said...

I like the first one because it has purple in it. ;-) But definitely the second one for the redness to go with the shoes!

Sarah said...

Not festival fabrics. I like the second one the best, mostly because I'm in love with Gerties Red Roses dress here:

tim's wife said...

The second fabric struck me right away as being right for the 1950's style and the boots. As far as wedding attire taboos, I never wore white or black to a wedding until the last one when I wore a
black dress. SO MANY people wear black to weddings now because it is slimming that at this point I can never tell whether it's a wedding or a funeral taking place at the church on my block.I guess we've parted with that "faux pas" in the states.

tea and cake said...

I lurve no 3, but think your 'wedding' dress will be better in no 1, which hit me straight away. Hope this helps and you enjoy working on the dress, x

NB. now I've looked at the others' comments (I try not to when i'm deciding) go with them!

feresaknit said...

I like number two for a dress for a wedding. And if it doesn't work out you can always get a small pair of curtains out of it.

I surprised myself by liking number three as well but think this is more a casual dress design.

Or you could say sod it and go with black - how about a bin bag?

Anonymous said...

The middle one for sure.

I always thought that female guests shouldn't wear white but at my son's wedding the brides mother wore white and the bride wore a white dress with a sheer purple overdress so convention went out the window.

Lorna said...

I don't know anything about dressmaking or 1950's fashion, but as I had nothing else to do I had a look at the Croft Mills site and if it was me making a dress for a wedding I might go for the http://www.croftmill.co.uk/products/lightweight-dress/strike-me-2-product.html


But then I'm a bit crazy sometimes.

Susie Hemingway said...

They are all very pretty and all will look lovely on you. Looking forward to seeing the finish frock.
btw I wore black and cream to my sons wedding with a large black hat with cream roses. I was so worried at the time, as he married a french girl and we had the wedding in france (with them all being so chic or supposed to be!) I felt smart and stylish. I think always wear what makes YOU feel good is wise, then just enjoy. You are so dainty everything looks great.