Wednesday, June 02, 2010

ISO The Perfect Vintage Blouse Pattern

The latest sewing obsession chez Roobeedoo: the quest for the perfect vintage blouse pattern.

Obviously, it would be too easy to just pick up a copy of the cult Sencha pattern. Instead, I have to find a genuine vintage pattern that looks like Sencha, but has sleeves.

Why? My reasoning is that I will never wear a cap-sleeve blouse without something on top. I live in the frozen north in a poorly-heated house, and frequent a draughty workplace where they switch the heating off from May through October.

So I have been seeking a pattern with the following characteristics:

Short or ¾ or long sleeves- but definitely with sleeves

Keyhole neck detail

Back buttoning

Tapered waist

I have been surprised to find lots of choose from, all from around the same period. This style appears to have been the height of sewing fashion in 1947 or thereabouts!

I thought I would share pics of some of my favourites, all from Etsy.

For a long time this blouse / skirt combination had been top of the list, but I am wary of too "sweet" a style.

Plus it is too small... even in my skinny state. And I am wary of major alterations.

I rather like the square set-in-sleeves of this one but the neck is too high and plain.

I saw an even-more-fussy "stepped" square sleeve today - way too much potential trauma! Though I can see it could be attractive in a contrast lace.

Hmmm... I rarely consider using two fabrics in one garment.

In the end, I bought the pattern at the top of the page. It has that crucial keyhole / tie neck, plenty of darts to adjust the fit, and a rather alluring tapered sleeve. I can imagine it working well in a jersey / stretch fabric, which would be a warmer option for September, when tops are going to be in short supply if I don't get stitching now!

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tea and cake said...

I have given in and ordered the lovely sencha kit - mainly due to the sizing (I am an XL), but I do love your choice as well.