Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The lace is off

It took me three hours to unpick the lace from my tea-dress. Three hours in which every nearby surface became festooned with tiny puffs of cream lint. The dog was sneezing. Lovely. Unpicking the stitching was not an option - it was the only thing holding the dress together down those long princess seams. I had to cut out the lace and tease the remaining edges out from between the stitches with a pin. Grrr.
I did try adding more lace round the neckline, but it was not good. So I heaved a great sigh and got snipping.

As I cut, I became quite philosophical. More and more, I realise that I am drawn to sewing clothes that verge on the "modest". I fear I may be about to be recruited to an extreme religious community if I carry on producing and wearing such garments. It is just as well I cut my hair. If I had gone out in this frock with plaits and Birkenstocks, accompanied by FL with his big bushy beard and long hair... !

So I am thinking of shortening the tea dress and lowering its neckline, tightening the sleeves and adding shoulder pads. I pinned the neck open and stuffed my shoulders with a pair of FL's socks for this picture! I am going to take it up to the knee. To make it more "vintage-inspired" than literally "vintage". Too literal, that's my problem! It will require shoes with a heel and a fair old slap of make up to pull this dress out of the scullery and onto the dancefloor - and I'm up for that!


bagqueen said...

dress is looking better, well done for all that painful de lacing!! I fear it might have got rolled up in a ball by now if I had to do that!!

feresaknit said...

I think it looked much better with the lace! Just kidding - it looks 'lighter' without it (that's not quite the right word but the best I can come up with at this time of night).

Gabrielle said...

Good work! In one fell swoop of discarded lace (plus the odd dress nip and tuck), all traces of mumsy vanish and lo!

Here's the chic, vintage-inspired Roo that I am much more blog-familiar with!


tea and cake said...

Yes, it does look a lot better! And better at knee length, too (which I think I had assumed you would do, anyway ...)

Rebecca Weber said...

I love the dress, but agree knee length is right for you. I always love seeing what you are up to next as my sewing is limited to straight lines.