Thursday, June 24, 2010

Off Knitting... or off to Knit?

I have been so excited by my vintage sewing recently that my knitting had slid into the gap between the arm and cushion of the sofa, and I didn't even bother to pull it out. Hopeless.

So before I get all psyched up to make my Dress For A Wedding, I am taking a pause to knit.

I decided the only way to get my knitterly groove back was to set myself a challenge. So I hereby undertake to:

1-finish the baby cardi this week

2 - knit FL's second birthday sock this month

Because July is going to be all about new knitting projects. I need to blow a fresh breeze through my yarn stash.

I want to knit all four of the "Woods Family Collection" sock patterns. Their context appeals to me. These are not "just sock patterns", they have a story to them, about real people, a family. Because I am being good, I will knit them from stash. There is a certain skein of sportweight yarn which needs to be rehabilitated, and it is up first!

And then today I got an email:

"Hi there!

We are looking for test knitters for the upcoming book. If you are interested, please fill out the following form at XXXX

Selected test knitters will be assigned a pattern and invited to a yahoo group. A PDF of the assigned pattern will be emailed separately, upon joining the yahoo group. Test knitters must provide their own yarn and needles. As compensation, test knitters will receive the final pdf version of the pattern they test knit and a choice of any other individual pdf pattern from the book OR $10 off a pre-order copy of the book.

The timeline for test knitting will be FIVE DAYS. Test knitters must be able to complete one sock (not the entire pair) within that time period.

Cookie A"

OF COURSE I can knit a sock in 5 days - pshaw! I throw down my gauntlet to anyone who says not! (Shut up, FL!)

Pick me, Cookie! Pick me!

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RooKnits said...

Wow! 5 days to knit a Cookie A sock! Fantastic :o)