Sunday, June 06, 2010

The Sewing WIP: 1940's Tea-Dress

"Admire this dress for its quick efficiency". That's what it says on the instruction sheet.

But so far, there has been nothing "quick" or "efficient" about sewing this dress.

And I have a horrible feeling it has taken a whole heap of work to make me look like Anne from The Famous Five. Or worse still, George wearing Anne's frock.

Red lipstick would do a lot to improve this look... if I had eyebrows.

FL says it looks like I am wearing a pinny (apron) on top of my dress, and it's all down to the lace framing the central panel. That blinking lace had to be fed under the front panel seam with a pin as I sewed, 5 stitches at a time. I am NOT taking it off again!

But FL reckons I could take it off the top edge of the front panel and continue the existing line up to the shoulder. What do you think? Here's a picture of the front before I continued the lace round the point.
MY feeling is that I should keep what I have done and add the lace round the back of the neck, which is what was shown in the original illustration.

Which will make it look even more like a "housedress". Because I suspect that is what it is. It's meant to be for wearing around the house while you clean and cook and act the wonderful wifely housewife. It is NOT the vampy swing-dancing dress I planned at all!

I wonder if the buttons could help rescue it? I am thinking of black "jet" glass. FL thinks I should use fabric-covered buttons so they "disappear" but I think that will draw even more attention to the lace.

What do YOU think?


tea and cake said...

I love the dress! But, I do take your point about the 'pinny' look. I think FL is right about taking the lace off the top and taking it up to the shoulder - but I am not sure about either the fabric or black buttons. hmm, methinks something in the red or a deep pink. But, I'm sure whatever you come up with will be lovely.

Kate said...

I agree with FL: I think that if you can bear to get rid of the lace, it will look just like the tea dress you wanted. I love the fabric, and the shape of the dress, and you will look fab in it and not famous five at all, but I reckon the lace takes it to the pinny place. . .

Sandy said...

Well, it definitely is a 40's 'frock' but I think black buttons will make it into a tea dress. Just don't start twisting them as you talk... we used to have housekeeper who came in once a week to help my mum because there were four hooligans tearing up the place. When the 'keeper was nervous, she would start twisting the buttons on her housedress and the next time we'd see her in that dress, the buttons were all different sizes and colors.... yikes!
Also, add the lacey-bit around the back - I think that will formalize it some, not make it look more workish.

feresaknit said...

Maybe it would look better without the jeans! ;D

Twelfthknit said...

I hate to say it....but I really do think the lace needs to go. It looks good in close-up, and it should work...but it doesn't..

bagqueen said...

I think the lace is a bit much too but agree that without jeans with right shoes, make-up and hair all sorted it will look different again. But if you aren't happy at this stage, chances are you need to change something now. I've ploughed on making things because I have a picture in my head and I haven't ever got happier!!