Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Stash rehab shruggery

So... you know how I am going to a wedding this summer? And I am going to make a 50's vintage pattern dress?

Well, I haven't started yet and I am getting twitchy. The muslin must be cut this week or I am doomed, doomed I tell ye!

So instead of doing that, I hatched a plan for some kind of over-garment for the actual wedding bit. In the medieval chapel. Where it will be chilly. Don't forget, I haven't even bought / chosen the material for the dress yet, and yet here I am making a shawl / shrug out of alarmingly bright yarn which goes with nothing except possibly black...? I am crafting myself into a corner here!

I have a ton of Hipknits aran silk in the stash, all gifted. I have tried knitting with it, I have tried crocheting with it, and I am never happy with the result. It is beautifully soft, has a subtle gleam, and comes in such glowing colours, but I can't seem to make it work. So I thought I would experiment with the Sheryl Shawl (Rav link) from Blueprint Crochet. There was no logic or pre-planning to this decision. I was actually looking for my print-out of the Clapotis pattern when I came across this one.

I don't know what I think. It is kind of floppy rather than drapey, and it is coming out pretty huge. This is just one base motif - so seven of these would give me a helluva wingspan. I don't think it is a coincidence that there are only two Sheryl Shawl projects on Ravelry... and the one with pictures is not happy.

I can see where this is headed. Into the shruggery! Clapotis, anyone?


Kate said...

Not to make your choosing a fabric harder, but that yarn looks like it would go beautifully with the first fabric... ;-)

I vote Clapotis, though. Never made one, but it's a quick knit, isn't it?

feresaknit said...

I'm not panicking for you yet but I recognise the signs - deadline looming, material unchoosen but heading for something in a design not normally used, let's do something else instead because doing something is better than doing nothing and this really needs doing.

You can always pop the crochet in the post and I'll finish it off! ;D

RooKnits said...

I like my Clapotis in Hipknits silk - it is the right kind of drapiness for the pattern. Mine is massive though, let me know if you want me to measure it - I think you could do it with less repeats...