Friday, June 04, 2010

Summer Evening Sewing

All week, I have been driving home to sunshine... although during the day the "haar" has hung over the city and kept my office cool.

Back at the farm, the dog and I have been enjoying long evening walks though the buttercup-filled fields, spying deer and the occasional hare as well as the more usual rabbits. It has been quite energising!

It inspired me to paint my toenails yellow! Bizarrely reminiscent of emulsion paint, I nevertheless recommend "Cheeky Chops" from Butter London! No nasty chemicals.
Instead of collapsing on the sofa with my knitting of an evening, I have been doing some sewing, although there is nothing to show for it yet! My 1940's tea dress has proven to be rather labour-intensive in its preparatory stages.

There has been loads of basting to do! Each sleeve has six darts. The front panels are top-stitched onto the side fronts, so have to be tacked to keep them safely in place when it comes to machining. Pins would not be sufficent with this slippery fabric. I know it would annoy me if I was to "waste" my weekend on hand-stitching, so all of this work is hopefully setting me up for a speedy sew on Saturday.

I pounced on another 1940's blouse pattern (from ee baay in the UK) which I am rather excited about. Sorry about the craptastic photo from the listing, but you can probably make out the pleated shoulders and contrast centre front panel. It buttons down the back. Oh - and comes with an embroidery transfer too!

I am planning to make this up in the sandpiper print from Cloud 9. I reckon it would have a real seaside look if teamed up with some navy (linen?) sailor trousers.

And I might make another one in navy with white pin-dots, to wear with my granny's (plastic) pearls. Crikey - it's the beginnings of a capsule wardrobe!

Not that I have a pair of navy linen sailor trousers either... hmmm. (ETA: Sorry, the link kept crashing - they are from Joules) .

So it's all about the sunshine, the buttercups, the golden.

It must be summer!


mooncalf said...

Gorgeous yellow fabric. I love those tiny sandpipers - that's give a lovely beachy feel.

Sigrid said...

I love that yellow fabric, the shirt is going to look amazing.

bagqueen said...

I have seen a few of those blouses that button up the back but how do get in or out of them if you are alone!! That's the conundrum I can't work out, I'd be bound to misbutton them and have one side longer than the other and not notice or just have a huge gap somewhere.!!

You of course have far more natural elegance!!

tim's wife said...

Wow, if any woman that looks like that walks by us on the beach when we go next month, I'm throwing sand in Tim's eyes IMMEDIATELY!
Pass me that cannoli. Sigh.

Steven L. Ritter said...

Sounds a lot like Redding Ca, where I live. Wild flowers are in bloom and the fields are covered. As I ride my bicycle I dodge wild turkeys and quail. The ducklings are walking with their mom's. Fawns are playing next to the doe's and so are the foals next to the mares. It is a great time of the year but I have resisted painting my toes. My wife really isn't a fan of me painting them, who would have guessed that! Summer is less that a week away with temps in the 90's and 100's not to far away. But I'll worry about that when the time comes. For now I'll just ride and enjoy the spring!