Wednesday, June 16, 2010

This Week's Projects

This week I am trying to keep my sewing momentum going with the Sandpiper Blouse.
It is lovely fabric, but it lost some colour when I pre-washed it (dye-ing the accompanying whites a delightul shade of primrose!). That'll teach me!
The pattern is by Style and is undated. I can't seem to find any info on the web dating vintage UK patterns: all the info is about the big US companies. It is definitely post-austerity era as the central panel is entirely decorative, rather than practical, and has to be cut on the fold. I had to shorten the sleeve slightly to fit it into the remaining fabric. The pattern came complete with embroidery transfers, so if this one works out I might make the embroidered version with longer sleeves.
Tonight I will be tailor-tacking the pleats. More pleats!
Looking forward, I am feeling deeply inspired by these trousers. I have some lovely swishy navy cotton "trousering" and want to add anchor buttons for that nautical vibe.
And I am seriously considering a Liberty rose print for my Dress-for-a-Wedding, as used by Gertie in her fabulous wiggle dress. There is a more photographic rose print here, but I think I want to go the whole premium-fabric way with this project! I just need to make a muslin first...!
And I do still knit. The garter stitch baby jacket suffered from late-night-knitting syndrome and I had to rip back a sleeve. But if I just keep plugging away with a few rows every evening I should be done within the week. I've kinda lost the love for this project, cute as it is.
I really fancy rustling up some plain vanilla socks, just for the fun of it. Mmmm Lorna's Laces!


Susannah said...

Ooh, pretty fabric!

I'm guessing this pattern is late 1940s, maybe 1947-1950. Clothing rationing had relaxed a bit by then. It's very dainty and graceful. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product!

feresaknit said...

a) You're still too good with the pre-washing

b) Love the colours on Lorna's Lace

c) The red lipstick should look stunning with the rose print

d) Will you be getting a big rose tattoo too?

bagqueen said...

I liked those trousers too, they look wonderfully comfy but fabulously smart at the same time!!

Well done on finding the cottage, I hope you have a l relaxing time