Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Three Socks and a Mountain

First of all, many thanks from the birthday boy and girl - your good wishes are appreciated! We had a lovely evening out on Saturday. FL is greatly enjoying telling his pals that I only knitted him one sock. There was an audible snort when I told him that some knitters are doing a 52 Pair Challenge this year. What? You think I can't do it?! Um, you are right. The girl liked her socks, although there was a bad moment when I realised she thought they were armwarmers and got really excited! At least I know what to knit her for Christmas.

I have been searching for a holiday cottage, so that FL can take me for a walk to / in / near his favourite mountain, An'teallach. It has been very frustrating. Most holiday accommodation was booked up months ago, so it's all the oddities that are left: the over-priced, £1-slot-meter-for electricity, bring your own bedlinen, no television sort of place. I actually found two beautiful cottages in glorious locations, but FL tells me they are too far away from a golf course. Since he had just finished telling me he had only managed three holes yesterday, I wasn't viewing this as a priority. Grrr. And he wants to take the dog with us. Double grrr. I know who will end up being dragged across a rainy field in pursuit of a rabbit when she would much rather be knitting. I have come closer to losing my temper over this than over any other thing in our 6 years of living together! I just want a holiday in a simple but properly-equipped cottage near the coast, so I can sit and knit and look at the waves. Maybe flipping Greece would be easier! Ah... but we can't take the dog to Greece can we?!

Moving on... my wedding shoes arrived and they are beyond fabulous! But my daughter has pointed out they will look "rubbish" with the teal rose fabric I blogged about the other day. She's right of course. Oh - and I had better not be thinking of adding red piping to try and make the colours go together...?! She knows me too well, that girl ... and clearly she has been reading the fashion books I gave her for her birthday!

So I am in search of red rose-print fabric. Or else I will take up FL's suggestion and wear the Tea Dress to the wedding - it looks rather good with the red shoes! (Oh yes - how rude of me - thank you so much for all your kind comments about it!) But I don't want to miss the opportunity to make a fab fifties frock.

Keep Googling, Roo!


tea and cake said...

nooo, don't wear the tea dress. THE fabric will be out there somewhere!

Twelfthknit said...

I think (for what it's worth!) that you also need a holiday that covers what you need- you are wearing yourself out and need a good break, too.