Thursday, July 08, 2010

Back on the Vintage Clothes-Horse

I am not one to be defeated by mere details.

That Vintage Dress was not to be, and I need to accept it and move on. I found loads of lovely dress patterns in the current New Look pattern catalogue, so I might yet make a dress for wedding-wear.
The Toast dress is somewhere in the postal system and will be tried on, appraised, and a decision reached. The "matching" shoes I ordered turned out to be green, not blue. Hmmm.

So... back to sewing. I am still on a back-buttoned blouse kick. I have worn my sandpiper blouse four times to work already, with different necklaces. It is fab with my granny's long glass cube beads - very flapper-ish!
I found this second vintage pattern at Etsy when I was looking for a Sencha-like style with sleeves. I decided to use my bargain polka dot seersucker to try it out, since £2.40-worth of fabric is made for experiments. And my original plan for a bubble-hem top was just toddler-chic madness.

I am having to size it down a few inches. It is intended for a 36 inch bust, but measured flat, the pattern was heading towards a 42 inch outcome - um, no, not for me!
I made a 5/8 inch pleat (doubled) front and back at the outer edge of the neck, all the way down, so losing a total of 4 x 5/8 x 2, which advanced arithmetic tells me is a total loss of 5 inches from the garment's circumference.
There are a gazillion darts to shape it further - well, 8 actually, but it feels like more when you are tailor-tacking. I had to move these over, to allow for my re-sizing, or they would have ended up in odd places. The original shows the darts made on the outside of the front, but I thought this looked weirdly deconstructed. It might have looked better on plain fabric, but it didn't work with the spots.

Most unusually, the sleeves are actually doubled: the bottom edge is the fold of the fabric and the shoulder seam is enclosed by the inner layer. It would be a disaster in heavier material.

So far, I am really pleased with how this is turning out. I only had a metre of fabric and I had to shorten the body to fit it in - though I could have chosen not to double the sleeves, I suppose.

Hopefully, there will be a FO at the weekend!

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