Thursday, July 15, 2010

FO: Nexus Socks for FL's Birthday

A month late, or eleven months early, depending on your point of view (thanks for that India!), here are FL's birthday socks.
The pattern is from a back issue of The Knitter magazine, and was not charted, so I found the first socks a bit tricky until I got my head round the fact that the three "waves" were moving across the sock to meet on the upper foot, and gradually eliminating the side lace panels.
The wool is Yarn Yard "Croft" which has a great man-sock tweedy twist. I used a contrasting shade for heels and toes which was a wise move as I would have run out of the green otherwise.

"You want me to sit where?!"

Male models, eh? They just don't understand!

Nexus socks from The Knitter Issue 14.
2.5mm dpns.
Yarn Yard "Croft", 75% wool, 25% nylon


Kate said...

He gets the socks, he should have to put up with being a model. :-D Mr B knows the payment for getting handknitted socks is having to pose in them if I so wish. :-P

tea and cake said...

Man and sock - a handsome pair!

feresaknit said...

Yeah, FL's not really 'working' the socks! ;D

Siga said...

Love the different heel/toe colours. Well done!