Saturday, July 17, 2010

My (vintage) Dress For A Wedding

It just arrived, and I had to show you! Please forgive the backdrop!
My Dress For A Wedding from Upstaged of Leeds.
It is a 1950's "tulip" dress with a label saying it was "styled by Paul English". The fabric is a shimmering brocade which goes from midnight blue through purple to pink for the roses. I think I will get away with my red shoe-boots as they have pink binding on the roses and round the ankle.
The dress has a stiff underlayer to give that shape. I might add a short net petticoat . It has been altered in the past and the seam above the waist is just tacked closed at the moment. I need to take it in a couple of inches, but it's not going to be difficult, as it has the original stitching lines to follow.
Now I just need to knit a shawl....!?!


feresaknit said...

I like it, well I liked it once I found out you were going to be taking it in! ;D

The shawl - as there's no rush will you be shearing the sheep yourself and spinning the yarn too!

Kate said...

It's gorgeous. :-D Must be a huge relief to have THE dress now!

Anonymous said...

looks very nice, can't wait to see what shawl you make to go with it:)

Susie Hemingway said...

Very pretty indeed and so perfect for the wedding. What colour will you choose for the shawl? if you don't have time, ebay does some lovely light pashmina's and very reasonable too, you will need something cosy if it gets cooler. I love these colours on you - a great choice!