Wednesday, July 21, 2010

On the Needles

Now that the pressure is off on sewing a dress to wear to the wedding, I have diverted my stitching-stress to knitting!

My mother was here last week, so we took the obligatory trip out to Touched by Scotland at Oyne, for a lovely lunch, and then into the adjacent Wool Shed. I spotted my shawl yarn straightaway! It is Drops Alpaca in a colour I can only describe as being like a red geranium. You know - that sizzling pinky red that attracts sunlight even on a cloudy day? I thought it would draw the colours of my shoes and dress together.

I am still a bit of a lace novice, so decided to stalk my Ravelry chums for a good pattern. I decided on Percy (Rav link) after seeing Karie's version (Rav link). I have cast it on four times so far, and had to rip it back every time. This does not bode well! However, I have learned from my mistakes and I think I know what I am doing now. I know that Chart B will be my undoing, but I am going to make this my big holiday knitting project, so should have the necessary time and brain-power to devote to it!
A much easier knit is my Dotty Sock (Rav link). I started this on my day trip to Edinburgh, and the train journey proved to be perfect for knitting. I have turned the heel already!
The yarn is Fleece Artist merino in Cosmic Dawn. I have had it in the stash forever, and it is a real treat to knit with such beautiful colours. Loving it!
Woo hoo - I got my sock mojo back!

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Karie Bookish said...

Hey :)

Thanks for the compliment - just one word of advice: Drops Alpaca does not block well. That is to say, it doesn't keep its crispness/openness for very long. Based upon the yarns I've tried, I'd say it's the alpaca fiber which doesn't have much memory.

I liked knitting Percy and wish you much luck with Chart B - I think if I hadn't used a really fine and fuzzy yarn I would have been fine.

Looking forward to seeing more!