Friday, July 02, 2010

Sewing news

I have cut the muslin for my Dress-For-A-Wedding, but was slightly disconcerted to find the pattern pieces for the facings are missing from my vintage pattern. I can easily draft my own, but I was feeling so nervous about this pattern that I read this as a Bad Omen - tsk!
It is not going to be an easy sew, as the sleeves are cut as extensions of the front and back skirt pieces, and then side skirts and bodices are sewn in under the arm. Lots of pointy seams and fiddley areas requiring reinforcement. As I am trying to add about three inches to the bust and waist measurements, there is plenty of potential for disaster!

To distract myself (again!) I ordered a couple of new patterns: the Cinnamon Slip from Colette (via Sewbox) and the 1940's overall/ trouser pattern from EvaDress.
I was definitely thinking of Cinnamon as underwear, but it seems that others are wearing it as a dress. I would love to make it up in voile, like this version.

And you have already heard about my trouser inspiration.

I also had a small "win" at eeebaay, and a metre of deep navy polka-dot seersucker should be arriving any day! I have plans for a little summery top with a bubble hem and a big floppy bias-cut neck-bow. I can't find a pattern, but I know what I mean! I suspect I can't draft it to fit a single metre of fabric, but for £2.40, I think it's worth experimenting!

So, as ever, there are more ideas buzzing round my head than I have time free to sew. The school holidays start today, so I am ekeing out my annual leave to give the Girl some attention. The Boy is working part-time. Sunday looks like it may be a good day for stitching though!

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