Thursday, July 01, 2010

This week...

Thanks for all your helpful comments on my fabric dilemma. I continue to prevaricate, but have requested a sample from Mandors in Glasgow, who replied to my speculative email saying they had some cotton with red and pink roses which might suit. I haven't seen it yet, but have my fingers crossed it will be The One. And last night I actually cut out the muslin to see if I can make the pattern fit. Progress!

Meantime, I failed to meet my self-imposed sock deadline. Sorry FL! But it is on the way.

Cookie A declined my offer to test-knit. A wise woman, that Cookie! Would you pick a woman who admits on her blog that she is a slow sock knitter? Or who has blatantly only ever knitted one pair of socks from your book?! Thought not.

However, there are happy things to report! I received a package in the post from Cecelia in NYC. Look, look! She contacted me to tell me off for listening to mournful music, and offered me a "mix tape" of uplifting songs. How very kind! And look! Not only has she sent me two fab CDs (with a selection which made me laugh out loud), but also a skein of delicious handspun yarn from Jamie Harmon! And there was some tea too - macadamia and coconut?! Mango? Mmmm!Thank you SO MUCH! The CDs are going straight into my car so I can play them and sing along without complaints from anyone, old or young!

And speaking of the young... my son came home safe and sound from Glastonbury Festival. He was helping set up an art installation on the Green Futures Field and got a free ticket - lucky boy! I watched as much of the TV coverage as FL could stand, but I didn't see him. It was "effing awesome", apparently :O

Oh - and I noticed that Ruth Singer's new book Sew Eco is available at Amazon. I did some test sewing for this book a while back and made a very dinky little purse - I must show you, now that it isn't a secret anymore!

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