Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Thoughts and plans

Thank you for all the lovely comments on our three-year-diagnosis-anniversary. It felt like an odd thing to celebrate, but it was the proper thing to do. Just a glass of wine at home, but the occasion was marked.

The Vintage-Dress-of-Doom is niggling away at my brain. I felt like such a failure when I ran away to the Toast online summer sale. In my defence, it was midnight and I had had some wine (see above). And of course, the red rose shoes won't work with a blue and orange dress... so I had to go to the TopShop online sale for those! (Turquoise suede wedges!)
And FL was there at my shoulder cheering me on! But as I have said to him many times since then: I can always send them back for a refund. I will try the whole lot on, and if it is not the Dress-of-Dreams, the Shoes-of-Sublime-ness, they are going straight back. Because I just don't buy things on impulse, especially not expensive things!

The wedding-of-the-year has caused me so many silly traumas. First there was the Hen Do invitation (a spa day followed by a meal at the poshest place in town), which I am thankfully now unable to attend because we are off on holiday that day - phew! And then the whole: what will I wear, OMG what will FL wear?! saga. I am not a "keeping up with the Joneses" type of person, but the knowledge that one of my colleagues will be wearing a Vivienne Westwood dress just freaked me out. Have you seen FL's suit? He bought it in a charity shop about ten years ago. It has moth-holes in several strategic places. And he refuses to buy another one, because he says: "I am on my way out"! (Don't worry - I am working on him!)

The more I look at the Dress-of-Doom, the more I think I must be supposed to double the whole thing back on itself and create a multiple-layered bodice. But this would affect the fabric choice for the final garment: you couldn't use anything other than completely opaque fabric or you would have the most hideous shine-through. So that's the rose-print off the menu. Sigh.
So maybe I need to look for a tried-and-tested modern pattern, or at least a less challenging vintage design.
Or just enjoy the luxury of having a Toast dress.

Public Service Announcement:

Meantime, for those of us who have not lost our sewing confidence, there are many autumn / winter fabric bargains to be had on eeebaaay. You can pick up some beautiful pure wool coating in a rich jade green, or raspberry wool crepe, or diagonal-ribbed wool in an expensive-looking dark cream (you can't make me call it "beige", sorry!) all from "Favourite Fabrics", all at good prices.
Personally, I was seduced by a bargain pack of 5 single-metre lengths of wool suiting in various midnight / charcoal stripes, from British Fabrics. I bought one of these packs about 4 years ago and made three skirts and a blanket, all of which are "keepers". This time, I am thinking more creatively and plan to piece together different lengths to make a panelled jacket and mis-matching skirts, or maybe even a pair of knee-length wool shorts. Self-stitched September, anyone?
ETA: No sooner had I written about planning a shorts suit, than I came across this. WOW!


Anonymous said...

Can't FL rent a suit for the day?

Karie Bookish said...

I'm still not getting into dress-making, no no no, so I will ignore any links to cheap fabrics (but might google Favourite Fabrics later). Cough.

As for weddings, I have been invited to one "casual wedding" but I suspect even a casual wedding might be more fancy than my usual dress code. Ho hum.

And I missed the grand announcement. Congratulations to you both.

feresaknit said...

Did that Toast dress not make an appearance at the receipt of the initial Wedding of the Year invitation? Ah the hassel you could have saved yourself - but there's no fun in that right? ;D

bagqueen said...

The shorts suit looks fab and you will look great in one. Like you I keep thinking bout the vintage dress of doom and I can't believe how peculiar it looks, with those under arm flaps and the size of it. I know your skills are great so it can't be that you haven't got the instructions right, It is just such a weird shape!! Very odd!!

I'm sure the toast dress will look fab and the rose fabric will keep to dance another day!!