Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A Vintage Affair

If you are looking for a summer holiday read, you could do worse than pick up a copy of "A Vintage Affair" by Isabel Wolff.

My daughter read it first and passed it on to me.

She recommended it to me for the descriptions of wonderful vintage clothing, and she was right: if only there was a real life shop which sold these garments! Three 1950's prom dresses "like cupcakes" caught my imagination straightaway.

The plot is pretty much unbelievable, hanging on a series of incredible coincidences. The characters are less well drawn than their clothes: the men are literally "suits" and the women are held together with safety pins. But it kept me up til midnight in a single binge-reading session. A good one to leave behind in a holiday cottage to brighten someone else's vacation... which is exactly how my daughter came across it in Morocco!

Also in the picture: my little "Sew Eco" purse. I can't find the pictures I took as I was making it. It is half-sized as I didn't have a copier handy to blow up the pattern times two. It is perfect for my sewing accessories: embroidery scissors, tailor's chalk, quik-un-pik, measuring tape, and a packet of pins. The zip-pull is finished off with a bead and a little leaf. Cute and practical!

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Kate said...

It's such a long time since I read something pointless and fluffy. :-) Currently reading Bill Bryson's new book which is taking forever as I can only read a few pages at a time before I am distracted by a baby zooming off into the distance!