Sunday, July 04, 2010

Vintage anatomy... or why you need to make a muslin

Why Roo - what a big skirt you've got!

(And I can see your bra - your mother will be horrified!)

Give us a smile, girl, it can't be that bad... can it?

Can it?

Err... what, please tell me, are those strange flaps under your arms?

They are sewn across the top?!

Turn round a minute, let me see the back view...

Oh my! Where did all that fabric come from?
Size 12 from 1954? Are you sure it's not size 54?
It is supposed to fit a 30 inch bust?

Are you kidding me?!

It looks as if I am supposed to layer up all the excess fabric at the front and back pleats, securing it with a band of petersham round the waistline.
But that doesn't explain the underarm action.
Did 1950's ladies have an extra set of boobs stored under their arms for safe keeping?
I have three words to describe the outcome of this vintage sewing experience:


Ambermoggie, a fragrant soul said...


tea and cake said...

that would fit me and I'm a size 20! I think the underarm bits are for movement and for when the 'lady' may 'glow' a bit and not mark the fabric with the sweat?

feresaknit said...

I came back for a second look I was so intrigued by those bits under the arms. Should they be joined to the sleeves somehow?

Although I realise even if that was the case you'd still need a bosom like Dolly Parton to fill up the space.

Kate said...

what the dickens???!!! It is gigantic!! scary extra boob flapz! You had a lucky escape, and that toast dress will look ACE.

Sandy said...

You can take wing and FLY!!!! It looks vaguely angelic, or something....

bagqueen said...

Its definitely a weird shape!! Good job you aren't lazy like me, I would have dived into my fabric, I never have time to do a muslin, I'm always doing the hem at the last minute as it is!!

Fab to see pics of you anf FL in last post, you are both looking so much better and long may his feeling good continue!!

I raise a glass to you both x

RooKnits said...

Oh my word!
The toast dress is gorgeous btw...