Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Vintage dress-shopping

Very busy here, with golfing guests and school holidays. No time to blog!

Edited stitching highlights:
  • I have finished FL's birthday socks, exactly a month late! Pictures soon.
  • I have started another pair of socks.
  • I have made most of my polka dot blouse and it is looking good.

In Dress-For-A-Wedding news:

  • The Toast dress was 4 inches too large all over - sent back
  • "Matching" shoes did not match - sent back
  • My daughter found me the Perfect Dress, but it is out of stock! - email sent, no reply yet
  • We scoured the vintage shops of Edinburgh - found nothing
  • We both tried on the same dress: she looked stunning... and I would have needed Gok's Magic Knickers (no way!)
  • I came across an enchanting vintage dress shop in Leeds who are going to help me find my ideal vintage 1950's dress! I am totally over-excited about this! They are sending me some photos today and I already think I know which one I will choose! A purple brocade tulip dress - gasp!

Pictures of everything soon!


feresaknit said...

Magic knickers - why have you suddenly gained 2 lbs? And that woman in the picture on the website - like she really needs a pair either. Where's the overweight woman with the fat oozing over the top and out of the knicker leg? To quote my Auntie Ann, who refuses to get a pair on this basis, 'The fat has to go somewhere. If it's being pushed in at one point it has to be pushed out somewhere else!'

Kate said...

That "Perfect Dress" is gorgeous. :-D Hope you manage to find a dress soon! And I've bookmarked the Magic Knickers website. ;-)

Roobeedoo said...

Feresaknits - I was hoping the bit from my tummy might make its way up to my bust for added boobage! Lesson learned: never ever try on the same dress as your teenage daughter!

Twelfthknit said...

I have finished FL's birthday socks, exactly a month late! in fact they are early ;0)