Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School

So here we are. It is the middle of August. My daughter goes back to school today, and my son is off to University in a very few short weeks. The wedding is past, the holidays are past, and I need to get ready for Self Stitched September (SSS).

I know, even before I audit my wardrobe, that I lack at least one more jacket / cardigan suitable for work. September is autumn in these parts and it can get really cold. I am hoping that SSS will help me bring some home-made “lurkers” into circulation, but I also know that there is a lot of potential for mismatched morning panic attacks unless I sort myself out in advance.

If I resort to wearing a few shop-bought items and spend the month filling the gaps they represent, at least by October I should have a self-stitched capsule wardrobe, and the month of attempted Self-Stitchery will not have been in vain!

September knits:

Audrey in Unst cardigan – in pine green AlbaYarn Shetland wool (from stash)

If I finish that, I will move on to a vintage Stitchcraft magazine cardigan. Or a Japanese pattern (heh heh heh = nervous laughter!)

Socks will be knit as a matter of routine! I would like to send my son to Uni with a new pair of socks (and a cookbook.)

I would like (to knit?) a chunky capelet.

September sewing:

Here’s where it gets messy! The things I really want to sew are not necessarily the things that will pull my wardrobe together into a cohesive “capsule”!

Navy high-waisted trousers using the EvaDress 1940’s pattern (from stash)

Black stretch cotton sateen wiggle skirt, possibly self-drafted, or using this Vogue pattern (fabric in stash)

Burda 02/2008 tie-neck top – sleeveless, so totally impractical, and I don’t have fabric yet. But I am obsessing! Look at this version! It made me run to Eeebaaay for the pattern!

A work-friendly shorts suit, using my bundle of mixed navy/ charcoal wool fabrics . The jacket will come in handy for general wear. The shorts are a piece of insanity that I need to get out of my system. The jacket pattern will probably come from Burda 02/2008. The shorts? Dunno.

A little cape? Another idea which refuses to get out of my head.

I know now that I lack long-sleeved everyday staple tops. Do I really want to make my own jersey t’s? Or do I need to make plain-coloured long-sleeved blouses of some kind? Even typing those words bores me. Yawn. I need to find inspiration if it is going to happen.

I love the sleeve detail on this top from Great Plains. Maybe I could copy it?

Or perhaps I just need to concentrate on the jackety layer and then I can wear my short-sleeved "me-mades" well into autumn. that a plan?


Lorna said...

I like the colour of your wool and that wiggle skirt looks really sexy.

Sandy said...

The Great Plains cover looks scrumptious... I need to lose a whole bunch to not have it look like the cover for stack of Michelin tires, but on you it would doubtless look dee-vine!

Siga said...

Do you already have a pattern in mind for the chunky capelet?
Audrey in Unst is a perfect choice for a work cardi. Looking forward to seeing your version.

bagqueen said...

I beggining to have similar thoughts on making my wardrobe ready for SSS. Likewise I dont really want to make plain coloured long sleeve t shirts but actually a few of those would be the most useful thing I could have to tie together all the patterned stuff I have!!