Thursday, August 19, 2010

Capelet Capers

Photo: 70's acrylic crochet capelet from Etsy

A capelet: to knit or to sew, that is the question?

If I sew, it will be faster, and definitely more “outerwear” – a coat substitute. If I knit, it will be slower, not a million miles away from a shawl, but cheaper, especially since I have yarn in the stash I could deploy.

Siga asked if I had a knitting pattern in mind. Until yesterday, I was thinking of something from Wrap Style. I recall thinking these were “out there” when I first saw them. Shows how tastes evolve! Pottering around Etsy, I came across this lovely red crochet capelet. Yeah I know – it’s the model’s hair that caught my eye! I won’t be crocheting a whole garment any time soon.

Photo: Ysolda's Emily

Over to Ravelry, and I realised I already have Ysolda’s Emily pattern. I laughed at this the first time I saw it. Bad, naughty Roo, that will teach you to scoff! I am really quite attracted to this pattern now. I have a pile of Ginger Rowan Wool Tweed from the Kemps £5-a-sack sale… or the leftovers from my lime tweed CPH ?. Both essentially “free” to knit! Nothing to lose!

As for a sewn cape… I was surprised that the major pattern companies are not ready for this year’s predicted cape trend. Vogue has a “Vintage” repro pattern, but I don’t like the sleeves. It reminds me of a straitjacket (not that I’ve ever had one of those…)
There’s a McCalls jacket /cape style – but again it defaults to having sleeves. Where is your courage, pattern designers?
So I am back to scouring Etsy for a vintage pattern. It’s down to two possibles. One is more of a stole, while the other is a definite coat layer. I might have to buy them both and hope my taste doesn’t change again before I get round to making them!

ETA: I opted for the coat-like one. above.
Though the stoles are so elegant, don't you think?


Siga said...

I like the crochet capelet, but my crocheting skills are not that great...
Yeah, you'd be much faster if you just sew one yourself instead of knitting.

CCK said...

I've always wanted a dark long cape ala Scottish Widows...probably just because I thought it would make me dark, beautiful and mysterious (and give me back my black hair!) Will watch your travels on this. I love a good cape.

tea and cake said...

I like your choice, but they're faces look like the capelets smell!

bagqueen said...

I like the capelet idea ut feel a knitted/crocheted one would be easier to wear than a sewn one, don't know why!