Sunday, August 22, 2010

FO: Dotty Socks

Two finished objects in two days? Wow!
This means I have empty needles! How long will that last I wonder? (Answer: not very.)
Dotty Socks by Irishgirlieknits, part of the Woods Family Collection.
Fleece Artist Merino sock yarn (thicker than most) in the colourway Cosmic Dawn.
2.75mm needles

A very easy stitch pattern, which is very hard to photograph!
The dots are staggered down the leg at ever-increasing intervals, a detail which is barely perceptible. I reckon you could just space them out evenly and the socks would look pretty much the same... but the change of interval added to the speed of my knitting as I watched myself move from chart to chart.

I have had the yarn in the stash for years, well ... five years I suppose, since I first started knitting socks. I had been saving it and saving it until I realised it just had to be knit up before the moths got to it first.
I love the colourway!
I love the pattern!
Double prizes!!

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