Monday, August 30, 2010

More new patterns

The prospect of Self-Stitched September sent me into a flurry of crafty list-making:



a jacket

So instead of using my spare time productively, to knit and sew, I have been using it to scour the web for patterns.

Hence: Beautiful Adult's Knitwear, book 14... in Japanese. Ahem.

But I need to use the knowledge I gained at Knit Camp or it will just disappear in a puff of smoke - right?

If nothing else, I will enjoy looking at the pretty pictures.

And after "losing" a jacket pattern on eeebaaay, I found this little number at Etsy.

You think it is "nothing much"?
I think it is "just enough".
Neat collar, simple shoulders, shapely waist darts, and slouchy-casual patch pockets. And a good length - not too long, and not too boxy either.
Now, if I could just find the time and mental space to do some actual stitching...!?!


tea and cake said...

hi, you're so busy! I love the knitting patterns, and can we read what you learned at knit camp, please?
I know you haven't asked for comments re the jacket - but (you knew a 'but' was coming, didn't you?) but, I wonder if it is a bit long, and the pockets a bit large for your lovely, slim frame? It's just a thought, you'll know best. Or you're family will know, anyway!
keep it up, you cheer me up each day, Karen.

bagqueen said...

Me too! I'm in a bit of a flurry, all that time I had in July has just gone in a puff of smoke and I still just have plans for new clothes!!