Thursday, August 26, 2010


Image: Front cover of "Let's Make School Uniforms" , a Japanese sewing book, available here.

September is less than a week away. I can't believe it!

Soon my son will be packing his bags and be off to Uni with a cookbook, a grown-up duvet cover (no more pirate print!) and a new pair of trainers.
Meantime, the annual school uniform debacle is in full swing: at what point does a narrow-legged trouser become a "skinny jean" (forbidden); why can boys get away with black trainers when girls have to wear uncomfortable "school shoes"?

I have looked at uniform policies elsewhere and they are much much more strict: only the top button of a shirt may be left undone; no make-up; only discreet stud earrings to be worn.
It is a nightmare, I tell you!
My own Self-Stitched September "uniform" is still under development, in a stalled sort of way. My capelet material arrived, but the pattern is still in transit. I am suffering from a lack of focus / energy / free time.
Photo: Black textured wool for my capelet.

I can tell you that I am liking Great Plains this season. And if I "needed" clothes I would be shopping there in a flash! But I am nothing if not circumspect, and I would much rather sew than shop. If only I could find suitable patterns and fabrics!

And then my heart stopped at Cath Kidston when I saw this dress which is so simple and so "me"... circa 1993.

Photo: Holly velvet dress, £85... and dry-clean only.
I am going to have to haul all my "me-mades" out of the cupboard and take stock. Though, frankly, I am beginning to rebel against my self-imposed "rule". I have been taking a mental note of what I wear and realised I wore the same Gap cardigan every single day this week. I think it is my substitute for the as-yet-unknitted "Audrey in Unst". Even though the other components of my outfits were very different, it is this top layer that is going to be my undoing in SSS.

I have also been trying to buy new glasses. I fancy a pair of cats' eyes. But my family fell about laughing. "Dame Edna" they said. Back they went.

In reading news, I have moved on from Siri Hustvedt to her (?more famous?) husband, Paul Auster. Currently, I am irritated by him writing himself into the novel (City of Glass). Hmmm.


Kate said...

I find Auster unbearably pretentious and intellectually *thin* to boot. Are you going to make yourself one of those Cath Kidston garments? Hope so! I am looking forward to your self-stitched september...

Sandy said...

Black on black is so thinning... but you are already there! Much prefer the velvet, even if it has to be dry cleaned.

tea and cake said...

If you love them cat's eye glasses - get them, they're fab!na