Tuesday, August 03, 2010

A Week of Stitching

You surely didn't think I could take a week away from sewing, now did you?

While FL read about The Babylonians. I cleared the holiday cottage dining table and cut out my Sencha blouse.

No, you haven't seen that fabric before... except .. it is somehow very familiar...? Yes, it is the blue version of Liberty's Carline print Tana Lawn. Gertie used the red colourway to make that dress. I wanted to use it to make a dress for the wedding, but it was too expensive / the pattern didn't work out / blah blah etc. So when I spotted the blue print on eeebaaay I popped in a desultory bid and was surprised to be successful! 1.4metres of Tana lawn for £12 = not bad!

I didn't take my sewing machine on holiday (though it has been known!) so I just did the prep work: measuring, re-measuring, cutting, tailor-tacking. All ready to stitch on my return home. And I can report that it is all done, bar the final sleeve hem and the buttonholes - woo hoo! Pictures will follow!
On to knitting news, and apologies for using the same photo twice, but here is the best shot so far of my Percy shawl.

It is a lot bigger now. I had hoped to finish it last week, but that Chart B was the undoing of me. Certain rows were ripped back two, three times
until I got them right. I ended the week two rows short of a shawlette... but I know it needs to be a proper shawl-sized shawl, so I have to knit another 27 rows of chart B followed by 36 rows of edging. Before the wedding on 13 August.

There - I've said it. 13 August. So help me! I really don't know if I am going to finish in time. I might have to buy an emergency cardi from Boden.

If only my lace-knitting went as smoothly as my sock-knitting! A few re-run episodes of Project Runway got me to the heel of Sock Two of the Dotty socks. I wasn't even trying.


mooncalf said...

Wow - that is some dedication!

I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you make your deadline. If not, I think i have a 10% off and free delivery code for Boden somewhere in my inbox.

feresaknit said...

Ah, FL reads about the Babylonians whilst you cut out. On our holiday B read about page 3 whilst I knit! ;D