Monday, August 02, 2010

We're back!

Ha - you didn't even know we had gone! FL and I have just spent a week in Mellon Charles, on the West Coast.
  • Beaches
  • Mountains
  • Sheep
  • Eggs from the hens outside the window
  • Knitting
  • Reading
    Lots of coffee and a fair few helpings of cake
  • Golf for FL

We "did" FL's favourite mountain, An'Teallach - or at least we hiked up the adjacent hill and looked into the three corries...
...when the clouds eventually lifted.

I was promised chocolate at the top and was handed the small half of a Double Decker bar... he had eaten the second bar at golf the day before.
There were mutinous thoughts all the way down that mountain, but I got over my disgruntlement at Maggie's Tearoom over tea and a slice of chocolate fudge cake.
We also visited the obligatory Inverewe Gardens, but I much preferred the open day at the House of Gruinard gardens, where I got lots of inspiration for my sad neglected herb patch.

I bought one of these plants the next day at the Garden Cottage Nursery. Lovely, isn't it? It is Spanish. Um... it's a kind of sea holly. Sorry I can't remember the name.

They also have a second-hand bookshop in their garden shed, so FL was happy to browse while I idled with indecision in the rain.

Yes, there was a lot of rain.
We ended our week with a meal out at the Melvaig Inn. A wonderful place! A real food oasis in an area where the hotels smell overwhemingly of furniture polish and "air freshener".

Other highlights:

The Aroma Cafe at the Perfume Studio in Mellon Charles. Proper coffee in the Highlands!

The knitting and the reading - but they deserve a post of their own later in the week!

A walk over the hills to Slaggan from Mellon Charles. We had to follow a line of cairns to get there. Definitely an adventure!

I only today found out we could have gone by road if we had started from the other side of the peninsula. Ah well.

As you can see, FL was in his element.

Taking me to see An'Teallach was top of his list of "Things to do before I die". I am sorry if I was not as appreciative as he expected! The final affrontery was finding a fat tick with its jaws firmly clamped to my forearm that night... eeergh!
But all in all, we had a lovely holiday!
I won't recommend the cottage we stayed in. It was sorely in need of refurbishment. But if your budget is up to it and I have tempted you to explore the area, here is a wonderful alternative!
Today we are back to "al claes an' parritch" as my granny would say.* But that's OK too.
*Old clothes and porridge, everyday life.


caroline said...

OMG why didn't you say you where over this side. I've been in Gairloch since the 26th. We did Slaggan on the 29th. We did the road side, but walked it 8 miles in all.
I was brought up here. :o)

Roobeedoo said...

Hi Caroline! Small world! 29th was Thursday... we were up by An'Teallach that day. Our route to Slaggan was slightly shorter but probably boggier!