Monday, September 27, 2010

Autumn Palette and the WIPs

Picture: Joules Autumn catalogue 2010, showing £59 wool scarf, £129 tweed jacket... and some gorgeous red hair!

I have seen a few sewing bloggers write about their "new season palette" and smirked to myself that it all seemed a bit pretentious.

Readers, it was pure jealousy! I was frankly bewildered by their apparent ability to pluck colours from the air and say "these define the New Me."

My sewing and knitting tends to be driven by whims and obsessions - witness: the Brighton Pavilions tunic plan!
So please forgive me, as I present to you my discovery of the weekend (year): my Autumn palette!

That Joules scarf? I love it! But I don't see myself paying £59 for a scarf. It was only later when I was assembling my WIPs for a photograph that I realised I had found "my colours":

>Purple Fiori di Notte armwarmers
>Glade green Audrey in Unst cardigan
>Turquoise thread from my Brighton tunic
>Liberty print blouse fabric
>Deep plum poplin for 50's blouse (underway)

Add to this some dark chocolate brown / purple stripe trouser fabric (pre-washed and out to dry), and my last skein of Fyberspates Echo self-striping sock yarn to knit a shawl, in shades of turquoise and raspberry...?
Coherence at last!
I have snipped that picture from the catalogue and glued it firmly into my notebook. The next time I am floundering around trying to make sense of my sewing / knitting colour choices for autumn / winter, I will have a point of reference . That dark chocolate Wool of the Andes for a Krookus cardigan doesn't seem so "off the wall" anymore! And nor does the turquoise pin-stripe wool for a wiggle skirt. Or the aubergine felted fabric for a winter jacket. There is even room for a dash of copper...!
A trip to the hairdresser might be on the cards...


mooncalf said...

Nice choices!

I (very self-consciously) chose a 'palette' for summer this year and it definitely makes shopping for materials, clothes and even getting dressed in the morning much easier because things all just work together much more.

I think it is a splendid plan.

Debi said...

LOVE that color combo! I really must learn to knit :-)

christinelaennec said...

Clearly Joules had been studying your blog carefully! Beautiful colours (and textures).