Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Beautiful Blog Award

OK, I give in!
Both Karen of Did You Make That and Steph of 3 Hours Past nominated me for the Beautiful Blogger Award. Thank you!!
Now I have to think of some things you might not know about me... and nominate 5 other bloggers. Both of these are quite tricky, so forgive me if I am repeating myself.

Seven Things You Might Not (definitely don't) Know About Me:
1 Almost every night I dream about wandering in a strange city. The dream city is an amalgamation of many other places I have lived: Hull, Leeds, London. I always seem to be sharing a house with complete strangers and facing uncontrollable dangers like fire or flood. The toilets are always blocked. Jung would have a field day!

2 I am exceptionally un-sporty. When I was about 7, a photo of me running at school sports day
appeared in the local newspaper. I had a look of total determination on my face, as my chubby little knees pumped up and down. I was, of course, last!

My only brief moment of sporting glory came in the final year of primary school when the school netball team was playing away, and there was some bizarre last-minute need to cobble together a "B Team" to play the neighbouring school. I scored 6 goals! I was immediately promoted to the "A Team"... but never scored a goal again!

3 My dad's aunt, "Spookie Jeanie", claimed to have psychic powers. She refused to come into my childhood home because she said it had a bad atmosphere. After meeting my 11-year old self she rang my parents and told them I was going to be a teacher. OK... Then she rang back the next day and said, actually, that wasn't going to work out, but I would definitely do something to do with the government or education and to please tell me that everything would work out fine in the end.
So here we are 35 years later and I am working in education management after failing to become a teacher (after three attempts!). And although I wouldn't like to call it "the end", I have come full circle and married my First Love. Self-fulfilling prophecy?
4 I named my son after a character in a novel, and my daughter is named after a piece of music by John Coltrane. My son should just be grateful his father did not get his own way, or he would have been called "Miles". Ha!
5 When I grow up... I want to live in a cottage by the sea. I used to say "a croft on Skye" but now I would settle for a sea view. If anyone wants to buy me a new house, this one would do me fine.
Will 5 things do? I think so!
And 5 Beautiful Blogs: I think these awards have done the rounds a few times now and I don't mind if you don't keep the pot boiling:
Indigo Orchid another SSS girl who drapes - ooh! Proper designing!
Delfinelise more self-stitchery! And I love her new vintage shoes!
Tasia, the Sewaholic who is bringing out her own pattern line soon - I like the look of her Pendrell blouse!
Circle of Clothes doesn't blog often but has some very creative outfits in her repertoire - inspirational!
And Christine who writes about Aberdeen... because it's her birthday today - happy birthday!


Siga said...

It was a very entertaining read! Oh, I can imagine that photo in the local newspaper. Could have easily been me as well...

christinelaennec said...

Dear Roobeedoo,

Thank you for all this inside scoop! Very interesting about the recurrent dream, though I can't claim to offer any insight even if you had asked for it. Re. non-sportiness, my daughter and I both sympathise - but what a fantastic moment of complete glory. Poetic justice. Spookie Jeanie sounds very cool - and quite spooky! And as for the salmon bothy, I actually know someone who went to look at it, and reported it was a complete ruin, but with potential. Perhaps you should transfer your dreams there and do it up at night? Lastly, thank you so much for the huge compliment of listing my blog as one of your Beautiful Blogs: what a terrific birthday present!

I'm looking forward to hearing and seeing more about your Self-Stitched September.

christinelaennec said...

And I most self-centredly forgot to congratulate you on YOUR most beautiful blog! Well done!

Tasia said...

Aww, thank you for the nomination! I'm so flattered!
I am also very un-sporty, even though I played on the 6th grade basketball team, but I was the confused player who scored on her own net!

indigorchid said...

Thank you for including me in your awards!

I find people are answering these in such a humerous way - I love reading them!

Also, I adore how you have set up your self-stitched-september posts, with challenges and solutions and gaps, and what-not. I'm having a lot of similar thought-processes; what is my goal for the outfit, what is difficult, what sort of inspiration made the outfit happen.... Fun!